Time To Get Serious About The Fair Tax

Dear Editor,

The information below was sent to all three people who represent us in Washington asking for their support in passing new tax reforms and to give special consideration to bills already before the senate and the house on “The Fair Tax”. I would ask local readers to also look into the fair tax, and if you agree that it may be the best tax system for the future, contact your representation in Washington and ask for their support. That’s the way things get done.

The Revenue Act of 1862 was passed as an emergency income tax measure to pay expenses of the Civil War. It also started the office of commissioner of internal revenue. In 1872, law makers allowed that temporary law to expire. Income taxes did evolve, but in 1894 the Supreme Court declared the income tax bill of 1894 to be unconstitutional. Government always needs to grow and even proper growth needs income. By 1913, under President Wilson, and under very suspicious circumstances during the Christmas Holidays, we were made the recipients of “ The Federal Reserve”, and in February of 1913  with the 16th Amendment to the constitution, which made permanent the IRS, and the infinite power given them over we defenseless taxpayers to collect our taxes, and unfortunately to wield their authority over all at their discretion.

No one can disagree that our income tax system has become totally unmanageable, and only benefits some politicians, all lobbyists, CPAs, tax lawyers, and their corporate clients. The everyday working American citizen has long ago been left out of consideration. We the people had already decided that changing our tax code was mandatory, and that was before our friendly people at IRS decided to flex their muscle to help decide elections by strong arm tactics against any they considered to be “the enemy”. Now we must consider doing both, revamping the tax laws and the IRS. The only solution to both is already presented before congress and the senate “The Fair Tax”. It has been thoroughly reviewed and endorsed by 80 well known economists from prestigious Universities across the United States. This system is revenue neutral, is a consumption tax (a tax on spending, not on income), gives a monthly rebate to those in poverty level for money spent on life necessities, and gets rid of income taxes, and other Federal taxes, and gets rid of the IRS completely. (The economists gave frank opinions, not the bias of politicians and other groups who will loudly oppose the proposal).

With the above information in mind, I strongly urge you to really look into the fair tax with an open mind, and no political agenda, and consider throwing your support to the bills already submitted to the House and Senate. This is the type of leadership towards reform that we expect from those we send to represent us in Washington.

J B Hargroder MD


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