Too many lies, contradictions in IRS fiasco

During the recent “Saturday Night Live” season finale episode, “Weekend Update” anchor and writer Seth Myers made a great point about the current IRS fiasco in which the agency unfairly targeted the Tea Party and other conservative groups seeking tax exemptions.

In the “Really?!?” segment, which Myers hosts to ask questions when a branch of government is behaving badly, the anchor asked, “Really, Obama? You said you heard about the scandal when you saw it on TV. You heard about it on TV, really? I don’t want to live in a world where you have the same sources as my aunt. You’re the president; I didn’t think you have to watch TV for anything.”

When even liberal comedians are dumbfounded by the actions of the White House and the IRS, it’s time to ask questions and demand answers.

No matter what any government spokesperson or official says, there are statements the American people refuse to believe and situations that make no sense.

• Senior White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer said this week that Obama had no knowledge of the IRS unfairly targeting conservative groups until it was published in the media. Should we really believe the president waits to read the morning paper to find out what is happening in his country?

• On May 22, 2012, IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman was asked by House Ways and Means Committee member Rep. Charles Boustany, “”Can you give us assurances that the IRS is not targeting particular groups based on political leanings?” Shulman responded: “Let me start by saying, yes, I can give you assurances. As you know, we pride ourselves on being a non-political, non-partisan organization.” Furthermore, one of his own employees testified that when they first learned of the IRS’ tactics, he went straight to Shulman – over a year ago. But Shulman claimed Tuesday in congressional testimony to know no details of what had happened until it had come out in the press this year.

• Sarah Hall Ingram, who was just last year the commissioner in charge of the IRS division that targeted the Tea Party, the Tax Exempt and Government Entities, gave congressional testimony on the matter on May 15, 2012. She was recently promoted to oversee Obamacare and has yet to face any repercussions in the IRS drama. Why should a person who obviously mishandled her position in the IRS be put in charge of something like Obamacare, which is already teeming with problems of its own?

• This week, IRS supervisor Lois Lerner swore she did nothing wrong, broke no laws and never lied to Congress. She then refused to answer any further questions from lawmakers, citing her Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate herself. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said this week that Lerner learned in June 2011 that agents were singling out Tea Party members and “Patriots.” Lerner told IRS agents to scrap the criteria that singled out those groups but still the situation evolved to include groups that promoted the Constitution and Bill of Rights. According to Jordan, Lerner had 14 opportunities in direct interactions with the Ways and Means Committee to set the record straight but never did so. If she is completely certain that she did nothing wrong, why is it so important to invoke her Fifth Amendment right?

There are so many people in positions of authority that are either incompetent or bold-faced liars when it comes to this matter. The problems and lies lead all the way to the White House.

On top of the lies, no one will answer the most important question: why were Conservative groups unfairly targeted in the first place?

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