Adult women are teaching girls to be stupid

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Decades ago, the women who came before us fought to be recognized as human. It was nearly criminal to be a woman considering the abuses and inequalities they had to endure.

The same women who suffered under a chauvinist world years ago were the same women who fought for the rights of their gender. Thanks to those women (and a few guys who were obviously smarter than the rest), I can vote, work, own property and – gasp! –  even wear pants.

Sure, there are still men in this world who believe women belong only in the kitchen or bedroom but no one really listens to them.

But many of the females today are making the rest of us look like unrestrained baby making machines. No, I’m not talking about the woman who chooses to devote herself to raising her children and caring for her husband and household; I’m not talking about the women who have decided to seek professional careers, either.

No, I’m talking about the women who push for abortion and Plan B access because they refuse to close their legs; find it difficult to swallow one tiny birth control pill each day; or don’t know how condoms work.

The Justice Department is now agreeing the “morning after pill” must be made available to every girl, regardless of age, over the counter.

The decision would not apply to similar brands of emergency contraceptives, or to a two-pill version of the same drug, which is manufactured by the Israel-based pharmaceutical firm Teva. Loretta Lynch, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, wrote in court papers that other manufacturers could submit approval applications, but the FDA might grant Teva “marketing exclusivity.”

The limited nature of the government’s proposal could be an issue for U.S. District Judge Edward Korman, who has ordered that all such drugs be available over the counter like aspirin. If he approves it, however, the government said it would drop its appeal of an order he issued in April.

A friend of mine made a very good point: adults have to give their signature and often produce a driver’s license to buy Sudafed, thanks to the meth addicts who are clearing the allergy aisles to feed their need. Girls in school cannot carry Midol, which contains aspirin, caffeine and a diuretic to ease PMS symptoms, unless they have written approval from a doctor and their parents. Even then, the Midol must be dispensed in the school’s office.

So, we have to walk through red tape to ease sinus congestion or menstrual cramps, but at 12 we can be having sex and simply say, “Oh, I’ll just take a pill tomorrow.”

Some advocates for the pill are calling the proposal to sell it to any kid “reproductive justice.” As a female, I have no clue what reproductive justice is, but I picture Hillary Clinton flying across the open plains on a horse in 1880, wearing a bandana over her lower face and brandishing a sawed-off shotgun.

Annie Tumino, coordinator for the National Women’s Liberation and lead plaintiff in a lawsuit over restricted access to the morning after pill, said, “It’s about time that the administration stopped opposing women having access to safe and effective birth control…(and women and girls) should have the absolute right to control our bodies without having to ask a doctor or a pharmacist for permission.”

I don’t know where Annie has been all her life, but women do have access to safe and effective birth control (at little to no cost, mind you) at public health facilities across the nation. Furthermore, the reason women have to ask a doctor or pharmacist for permission is because, unlike the everyday woman, the medical professionals know what risks these women face, what medication would better work for their bodies and more. Doctors don’t know everything but something tells me they know more about birth control pills and their effects than the patients taking them.

Now, I’m not ignorant: I realize there are females of all ages across this country that are forced to endure sexual activity against their will. I realize some of these women will be the customers buying Plan B and, personally, I believe they have that right. I personally believe none of us have the right to force a female who was raped or somehow coerced into sex to carry a child produced from that encounter. I am not anti-Plan B and I am pro-life. But I am not so cold or caught up in my beliefs that I feel I have the authority to tell a rape victim, “You have to birth your rapist’s child.” Feel free to disagree with me because this is the Opinions page.

However, for the girls and women who are not victims – why are you not using the brain God gave you, or are you focusing all of your energy on your genitals? First of all, if you need Plan B, that means the protection you were using failed or you were just lazy and used no protection. If those two scenarios take place, Plan B might help to prevent a pregnancy. However, Plan B does not protect against STDs. So, you might not need to start crib shopping just yet, but now you have genital warts and HPV.

Know what stays with you longer than 18 years and costs even more money than a kid? An STD. And despite how today’s society acts, an STD is not a fashion statement. It is a disease that you welcomed with open arms and legs, unless you were raped or inadvertently exposed to a disease in an unclean medical facility. That might sound cold but I don’t know anyone who contracted an STD by accident.

If women had more respect for themselves there would be no need for some of the political pushes going on today regarding abortion and Plan B.

Furthermore, the women disrespecting themselves are teaching vulnerable teenagers and younger girls that their only purpose lies in sex; that they should have sex whenever they “think they are ready”, even though they have yet to master the sixth grade; and that the emotional, mental and physical side effects of sex can be cured in one tiny pill.

Basically, these women are teaching the women of the future to be stupid.

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