Our bodies are simply vessels for what really matters

The Way I See It


Have you noticed the number of commercials on television that are either trying to induce you into yet another weight loss program or tempting you to take another pill to correct a malady that seemingly everyone must have? There are weight loss/exercise programs and equipment to indulge even the most wary of us who may be a little overweight. There is even a television program that celebrates the “biggest loser” in the battle of the bulge. Best I have been able to tell, nearly all of those miracle machines that people order and have shipped into their homes and businesses still end up as clothes hangers within a few days, weeks, or months after arrival. Some discover that they not only paid and exorbitant amount of money to try the new machine, but then discover that returning it from whence it came, to be another kings ransom in hard earned dollars.

Then there are the diet programs where you have food shipped in, measured, structured, scheduled and promised as “the ultimate weight loss program”. Again, another small fortune is spent, usually at the urging of some Hollywood type who has had implied success using the program. Then there are diet supplements, pills, potions and creams that are promised to take pounds off in certain places. I have to admit, I seem to have lost some inches around the elbows and ankles, so I can’t discount the effectiveness of some of these snake-oil remedies. You will find these remedies right on the shelf next to the potions that will shave 35 years off your wrinkles. Middle-aged crazies have been doing that since the Garden Of Eden and zillions of dollars are spent annually so that people can pretend that they still look as good as they did when they were 18. Personally, I didn’t look that good at 18 and the last 50 years have helped me mature gracefully, rearranging my brain and heart, rather than worrying about this temporary body. If you and God look into my heart, I hope you will see beauty – the beauty of love, charity, patience and understanding. If you look at my body, you will see only blemished flesh and bone. It is simply the vessel that contains my heart,

If you are looking for miracles, the television will attempt to make you believe that you can live forever, sleep like a baby, have the wealth of kings, the body of a model and the endurance of a super hero. You can run faster, jump higher, swim deeper, breathe easier and never have an ache, pain or even mess up your hair. If that doesn’t work, a telemarketer will call your house and tell you that you have won a vacation to an exotic destination and he just needs your social security number and bank account information to verify the prize.

P.T. Barnum once said, “There is a sucker born every minute”, but he said that many years ago. Today, they are being born every nano-second and the birth rate is increasing.

If you want to invest in a better you, put the effort into your heart where it will benefit both you and those around you. Attempts to disguise who you really are are revealed in the mirror of life in which you reflect daily.

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