Take the shackles from our soliders

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A week ago today, June 6, 2013, was the 69th anniversary of the day the Allied troops invaded the coast of Normandy, France. Germany had control of France and the belief was that the only way to achieve victory over Germany was to take back France from their control. Some 9,500 young men gave their lives to secure the beaches and insert a foothold in the German-held territory. To this day, all we have ever asked from France for the liberation of their country was enough ground to bury many of those brave young men.

Today, we hear and read of a young man who has decided to turn over military secrets to our enemies. If that had happened in the 1940’s, he would have been shot. Treason is, or was, a crime punishable by death. I am not here to render judgment upon this young man, for his reasons may very well override the seriousness of the crime, but I am here to observe that the fact that there may be two sides to the story in a sorry reflection on where this nation is today in comparison to where we were in June of 1944.

As I mentioned just a few weeks ago, our lack of fortitude in our leaders dating back to Korea, Vietnam, and continuing today in the Middle East is the very reason that we find ourselves in this predicament. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, we put into place, or enhanced, our spying techniques as a poor attempt of protecting this country from future terrorist attacks. All the security screening that one must endure when flying is a result of these enhanced security measures. But one has to ask why.

Daily, our lack of border security and non-enforcement of our immigration laws makes all of these other efforts fruitless. We get all hot and bothered under the collar when we hear that Big Brother may be listening to our phone calls and reading our e-mails, but when it comes time to neutralize an enemy, we don’t have the guts to get the job done. We want to call in the lawyers and the peace protesters and talk about the horror of war. War is horrible, however, slavery is horrible and enduring. As long as there is jealousy and greed in this world, war is inevitable. Personally, even at my age, I will fight for my freedom and I will honor all those who had the guts to confront the Germans on the beaches of Normandy.

Were they scared? You bet they were. But they didn’t pretend that war wasn’t necessary. We face an enemy today who is cowardly, ruthless and will stop at nothing to gain their objective. We had better realize that our freedom is at stake, and they will butcher your children and your grandmother to achieve their goals unless we develop the fortitude to stand up to their terrorism. Forget peace talks and negotiations. It will never happen. Peace is only gained through strength. Take a look in Washington and show me a leader with the guts to face them and I will follow him or her to my death to protect those whom I love and the country I am honored to live in.

I salute the brave men and women who served and died, those who returned, and those who serve today. Take the shackles from them so that they may protect our freedoms. God bless them all.

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