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Well, here we are, just 237 years after our founding fathers had the guts, intelligence, and fortitude to declare us an independent nation, shunning the King’s influence and establishing our rights to liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness.

Well, here we are, just 237 years after our founding fathers established a free nation and we are rapidly on our way to becoming slaves of our own government. Oh, forgive me; I regress. For most of those 237 years we have achieved Progress, but the opposite to the word pro is the word con as in Congress.

Just in case you were not aware of the “progress” in “congress”, while you were sleeping, Congress tried to pass a bill to provide funding for the devastation brought to the East Coast by Hurricane Sandy. Included in this bill to provide relief and help to those folks and communities that were hardest hit are some small add-ons such as: $100 million for the Headstart Daycare Program; $56.8 million for tracking and charting the debris from the Japanese tsunami two years ago; and, of course, this hurricane relief would not be complete without $150 million for the Alaskan fisheries and $17 billion for Community Development Block Grants. Fortunately, this bill did not get through Congress because they all left on vacation before it could be voted through. But, beware! There will be another in the future and it will be just as laden with “pork” as this one was.

Meanwhile, Obama has delayed some features to the healthcare abomination that were due to kick in next year. Seems that many lawsuits filed by businesses have to be settled before the “employer mandate” will be enforced. The negative public opinion of Obamacare seems to center around the “mandate”, therefore it should probably be delayed until the differences are resolved. Certainly the mandating of businesses and faith based charitable organizations to participate in insurance programs that fund abortions and birth control is questionable at best. Congress and the White House should tread very lightly and plan each step, contrary to rushing this bill through Congress without most of Congress having even read it, much less understood all of its ramifications.

Meanwhile, we have celebrated the birthday of America, and though she may stumble, and our leadership is flailing without direction or support of the majority, she is still the greatest nation in the world. The fact that we have immigration problems is a clue to how much better America is than most other countries of the world. Regardless of our problems, we still have most of our freedoms and should celebrate the fact that those founding fathers, those who have fought and died for our freedoms, and those who serve and protect our nation today should be honored and remembered on this our birthday.

Was just thinking the other day that since I retired, I get paid to do nothing, my meals are prepared and served to me; my medical care costs me nothing; and I can sit around the house all day and do nothing – all provided by others who earn a living. Is this a great nation or what? I just became a liberal or a congressman – I’m not sure which.

God Bless America and God Bless all of you. Be proud to be an American.

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