Diagnosing the disease we call our representation in Washington

First we must completely understand the meaning of a few words and statements:

“Casuistry” – Clever, but false reasoning, usually leading to erroneous conclusions; destroys by distinctions and exceptions all morality, and effaces the essential difference between right and wrong. (Often used by attorneys in court arguments; presently being highly used by our attorney general and his friends as they try to convince the dumb American citizens they were not using their political power to influence the last presidential election. (Three ongoing scandals, and no straight answers yet!)

Polyglot – (speaking many languages.) President Theodore Roosevelt said “Once one becomes an American citizen, they may remember and respect their heritage, but they must speak English, and in every way place America first, otherwise we would be running a Polyglot boarding house.”(each ethnic group wanting to restart their old country here in America, where things are better.)

George Washington feared that the two political parties would end up more concerned about power for the political party than concern for the people they are suppose to be representing.

Jesus, and later Lincoln, warned that “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.

President Kennedy said “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”.

Progressive liberals want to take as much of your earnings as you will allow, give it to the government, and let the government in their infinite wisdom, decide how to redistribute your earnings to those who would rather not participate in the work force.

Jay Carney, speaking for the president last week, said the government was much too massive for the president, or his cabinet members, to know what is going on.

Conservatives believe that big government and over regulation by the government stifles growth, freedom and prosperity, and financially government should be run like a large household; doing things when the budget permits, and borrowing for new projects only when the project is necessary for the benefit of the people, (not the politicians and their lobbyists), and that government revenue can guarantee repayment of the proposed debt.

Caucuses in our House of Representatives and in our Senate who seek only to represent their following with disregard for the harm it may be doing to America as a whole; also the number of people in the house and senate who are profound and dedicated socialists.

Example of “Casuistry” – J Russell George, Treasury Inspector General, being questioned about the IRS scandal by a democratic senator: “Is it true that your investigation as completed has shown no evidence suggesting that Washington, or the White House, was “politically involved?” Answer: Yes, that is correct. No one here was looking for the truth; they were both protecting the bureaucratic dictatorship that is Washington DC. His answer was not false; it was incomplete, as were her questions. His audit was only for financial wrongdoings, and did no investigation whatsoever as to political intervention by Washington or the White house.

So, how can we write a summary in such a short space rather than a book? Our Political Parties have divided our house to a point that we are questioning whether it can continue to stand.

Money people connected with big banks, Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve, and other central banks around the world control the money that governments rely on to run their operations, and satisfy the politicians and their lobbyists; therefore they control government. This type of control requires a Socialistic government! The findings of the “Reece Committee” in 1954 reported that the major money foundations in the U.S. said they had complete control of Washington, public education, Hollywood, and the news media, so any attempt by conservatives to prevent socialization of the U.S. would be stopped by convincing the gullible public that conservative groups were greedy and stupid. We can attest to that fact as we watch the lack of scrutiny given to political lies by 90 percent of the media coverage.

Creating an entitlement attitude, that if we give the government enough money they can and will take care of all our needs, appeals to many, and so far they are willing to follow blindly, paying no attention to the failures of Cuba, North Korea, Communist Germany after WW2, and the present failures of European countries who have accepted the Socialistic philosophy. They may have to accept one day world financial control by a world government which is the direction we are presently heading.

Recruiting immigrants, encouraging illegal immigration, signing up felon criminals as voter registrants in hopes that all will follow the progressive liberal philosophy, free cell phones, and food stamps for all, none of this follows President Kennedy’s suggestion that you should ask, “What can I do to help my country”? When Mexican students in Arizona protest because they want Mexican History substituted for American History a mandatory subject for high school graduation, someone has not indoctrinated them to the fact that if you want American citizenship, be an American first and foremost, and spend the rest of your life doing what others have done, work like hell to have America continue to be the envy of all other countries on Earth.

Only you can make the necessary changes; make your voices be heard !

J B Hargroder MD

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