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Dear Editor,

An act of treason against ones country can easily be argued that the death penalty is just punishment!

Endangering the safety of the country and its citizens cannot be tolerated, and must be stopped, and punished!

Joe Stalin and Adolf Hitler had military might to control a brainwashed citizenry, and ended up using that power to annihilate millions who disagreed with their ideology of governing. This was pure military power used by leaders who assumed their ideas were the only correct ideas and needed no consultation or guidance by citizens or government bodies.

Times have changed as to how power is obtained and used, but the end result could be just as devastating; the loss of an entire country and the way of life enjoyed by so many for so many years.

Have you noticed that 435 members of our Congress have been powerless in obtaining truthful answers on “Fast and Furious”, “Benghazi” , IRS scandal, and NSA involvement into newspaper and t-v analysts reporting without proper permission ? No need to carry this line of thinking any farther, you get the message.

Our Constitutional Law professor, “ President”, has breached our Constitution so many times with the help of his Attorney General, they are beginning to think like other dictators; that their wishes, their ideology, is all that matters, and that they have the power in their hands to make the ideology of sharing wealth, and total government power come true during the remainder of his administration.

We are in a critical time of choosing the direction in which our country is to be led, and by whom ?

We must all do deep and well thought out thinking about who may be carrying out acts of treason.

Is it Edward Snowden? Or was Snowden one of the truly brave citizens who was witnessing a powerful dictator using stealth and politics to rule roughshod over its citizens. (The IRS used by government for government purposes can be much more powerful than an army, destroying any private citizen or business in its path.)

Or, is the true act of treason being carried out ever so cleverly, ever so slowly, by those in control in Washington; with laws being passed without being read, laws formulated by lawyers from lobbyist groups, money manipulators, or mega corporations, and investment bankers, and somehow convincing us the laws are in our best interest.

Reforming the tax code gets little mention in the press these days, but may be the most important issue before congress. Getting rid of loopholes, having everyone pay taxes, and getting the lobbyist out of politics becomes mandatory if we ever want to see honest politicians representing us in Washington. The Fair Tax is one of the only proposals which could accomplish all of this. It has the backing of 80 economists from prestigious Universities around the U.S. who are not bound by political party, yet our representatives are reluctant to bring it before the proper committees for open discussion. Please get your politicians involved in this important issue, and maybe one day as suggested by Milton Friedman, one of the world’s greatest economists we may be able to rid ourselves of the Federal Reserve also.

J B Hargroder MD


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