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Hello and greetings to all readers of the Jennings Daily News (JDN). Before I continue to write any more daily articles or opinion columns, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Brett Marino and I am the new writer/reporter for the JDN. I am genuinely thrilled to be here, writing the news and discussing issues that affects us all. In deepening this discussion, I think it’s healthy for you to get to know me as I am going out in the community and getting to know you.
My family and I are from Lake Charles, where my family owns a small air-conditioning supply house. I grew up Catholic and was educated by Catholic schools, graduating from St. Louis High School in 2004. I played many sports in my youth, including baseball, football, basketball, and track, but, contrary to popular preference, my favorite has always been soccer. At St. Louis we did very well in soccer, and it was there I learned how a team excels in their sport.
After graduating high school, I attended a small catholic college named Regis University in Denver, Colorado. Through the Philosophy and Religious Studies programs, I began to learn about the western world and its history: how we fed ourselves throughout the ages; how we developed business; fought wars and revolutions; developed health care; created science; and I studied theories on the future of all these amazing human endeavors.
It was also during this time that I had the opportunity to study in Jerusalem, Israel, on a six-month scholarship. Here, I was introduced to the “real world.” All the theories I had comfortably studied in an American classroom, were being practiced in real time right before my eyes everyday. There, I witnessed war and a militaristic state. I will not delve into these subjects at this time. But, I was blessed by my witness of war (if for nothing else) because I can now relate a little more with our brothers and sisters in the military, fighting for the interests of our country.
After returning to the United States, I graduated from Regis University and decided it was time to go back home. During my trip abroad, I found peace in helping others farm land in Israel and Europe. Farming is something universal, for even if there is a language barrier, one needs very little words to till the ground and plant. Therefore, on returning to Louisiana I had the bright idea that I was going to farm for a living. I was hired on as a hand with Kurt Unkel and Cajun Grain, a rice and grass-fed beef operation out of Kinder. While there I began establishing a farmers market in Lake Charles, now named the Cash & Carry Farmers Market, as well as a small greenhouse/nursery operation. Once these were up and running I left Cajun Grain and tried my best to make it work. After three years the farmers market could support itself, but the nursery couldn’t and I had to get out.
After this, I was employed by Inglewood Plantation in Alexandria to help develop an organic farm. It was a large farm, where we grew wheat, oats, corn, vegetables, and raised Berkshire hogs and Red Angus cattle. I learned a lot there but eventually had to walk away. And, as I walked away, the Lord pointed me in this direction, so here I am.
I wanted to give you a short personal history so that you have my credentials; and I hope they are suitable. I will do my best to write the daily articles in a clear and accurate manor. As for my column, I hope that it will be more of a discussion than a one-sided opinion. My deep respect and interest in the farming community will show in both my articles and columns. The same goes for the military, oil and gas fields, and welfare communities. I do not wish for my opinion to be the only one read in my weekly column. The hope is to relay your opinions and perspectives to each other.
Again, I am very grateful to be a part of this community. It is my hope to be a small part of a healthy discussion here; therefore, if there is a particular topic you would like me to address, or would like to comment or correct me on a column you see in the paper, please call me at (337) 824-3011 or write me an email at
Thanks again, and hope to talk to all of you soon.
Brett Marino

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