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Not much news from Washington lately. As you should know, your Congress is on vacation again. A vacation is supposed to be a respite from work; however, little work seems to get done in Washington. Yes, I know Senator Landrieu was recently through town talking about all of her accomplishments, but I couldn’t make the meeting or I would have had a few questions to ask.

First question I would have asked would be, why have we not abolished or defunded the IRS? That is a money pit that will never justify its existence, but few government agencies can justify their existence. However, Mr. Obama just enhanced their personnel rolls by about 15,000 people who are necessary to police you and I and make sure that we are forced to purchase insurance that we don’t want. History would call him a dictator, but the majority of voters in this country have called him to a second term. He still insists that this insurance will be cheaper, though all projections seem to indicate that is a bald-faced lie. The American people have been lied to so much by our politicians that we either don’t know what truth is or we just ignore the facts. “We must pass this bill so we can find out what is in it” said the congresswoman from California.

I would have another question for the Senator from the great State of Louisiana. Why did Congress bail out of Washington before passing any meaningful legislation regarding immigration? Why will Congress not be required to purchase this wonderful medical plan? Why have the unions been exempted? Why have federal employees been exempted? What happened to the idea that every law passed by Congress shall apply equally to all citizens? Why does Congress seem to be self-serving instead of serving their constituents? Why do Congressmen and women retire on full pay and benefits after serving only five years?

These questions unasked are probably the reason I didn’t get an invitation to attend the gathering. Of course, they would not have been answered. The new vernacular is called “spinning”, but when I was young it was well known that “spinning a tall tale” was just another fable, and most of that which comes from the mouths of politicians is little more than fairy tales.

Meanwhile, “The Fed” which has nothing to do with the federal government, allows the politicians to think that they have control, when, in reality, there is a very small contingent of the wealthiest people in the world who control 95 percent of the money in the world and we all know that he who controls the money also controls the world.

Well, never mind, go back to watching Jerry Springer. You wouldn’t understand if I could explain it to you.

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