Lasting relationships require commitment


By Don West

I received many positive comments on my column from last week and kudos are always appreciated. One person even requested to post it on her Facebook page, but I don’t know if that ever happened, so my 15 minutes of fame was short-lived. If it did get posted to the World Wide Web, it certainly didn’t go “viral”, maybe just a little runny nose.
So it is as a writer – one often hears the sound of one hand clapping, but it is something to which you become accustomed. Many times I sit down at the computer thinking that I really have something important to tell my little world of readers, but everything is relative.
When I am really fired up about a particular issue, such as littering or not wearing seat belts or tailgating, it seems that no one is listening. However, I have learned that sometimes, people actually do read this drivel. Sometimes, out of nowhere someone will make a comment and I stop and say a little thankful prayer that I actually am making a difference. God has given me the gift of gab and sometimes I really do reach someone and make a difference. Then someone will ask, “Do you still write for the paper?” When I respond affirmatively then they tell me that they don’t get the paper anymore, so sometimes I would do just as well in front of the computer during a power failure.
The column last week, just in case you missed it, addressed the issue of what makes good marriages. Dennis Marceaux said that “you don’t find your soul mate, you grow together and become soul mates.” He and Jackie have been married 20 years and my son, Matt, and daughter-in-law Melanie just celebrated 16 years together. These are two great examples of young people who approached their relationships with eyes wide open, fully realizing that affairs of the heart demand attention of the brain. Longevity in marriage doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship is great, but as long as both remain committed, there is always hope that love can triumph over adversity. When there is no commitment, it’s too easy to walk away when trouble looms large.
Marriage is a foundation to build upon – without a solid foundation; the building will always be unstable. The principle doesn’t just apply to marriage, but to everything in life. If you are not committed to your job, you will never be successful as an employee or employer. School, church, social settings, sports, diets and exercise, personal grooming and anything else you can name, all take commitment and the results will bear the effort you have applied. You cannot lie to yourself – your heart will not allow it. If you are not committed, you need not embark on the journey. It will always end in failure.

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