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Dear Editor,

Senators Max Baucus and Warren Hatch who head the Senate Finance Committee on July 26 have just promised all participants who submit suggestions for major tax reform that any and all proposals made by them will be kept secret for 50 years according to “ The Hill”, a political journal. This would allow any private agreements with lobbyists and major donors to be kept from you and your heirs for 50 years.

Hold onto your wallets, they will be getting much thinner. This is the continuation of not just a lack of transparency, but a complete loss of any knowledge of what your representatives are willing to promise special interest, high donor groups, in return for their votes to continue their power positions rather than representing your wishes and best interests, and raise your taxes, which Harry Reid has already said is a necessity.

We desperately need tax reform to avoid the U.S. becoming Detroit. We need much increase in government revenue, no increase in working peoples taxes, we need no more loop holes for the ultra rich individuals and corporations. We need to get rid of most non tax- paying, so called non- profit corporations like AARP, and Credit Unions, just to mention two. We need to get rid of restrictive regulations on private business and let the jobs market revive which it is trying so hard to do but being denied by the Ideology of redistribution of wealth; just trying to take from workers to give to the non participants will lead to government bankruptcy.

“ The Fair Tax”, (one of the flat tax, consumption tax proposals) which totally abolishes the IRS and most all federal taxes, is being swept under the Washington rug because it basically does away with lobbying power and lobbyist persuasion power to your representatives. I’m not naïve enough to believe we little people can compete with the money and power these people control your representatives with, but you can at least let them know of your displeasure when they continue to say they are serving the public, but when we are willing to look deep enough into their actions, we continue to find they use our support and our votes to continue serving themselves. The politicians in Detroit have done well for themselves in past years; some are presently in jail. We shouldn’t have to wait for such drastic results before we insist on doing what is obviously the right thing to do.

J B Hargroder, MD


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