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Dear Editor,

Have you noticed that Mary Landrieu has been speaking often about the Affordable Health Care Act lately?

She will not be affected herself by this law since she is part of the government’s umbrella of protection for those elite who won’t be required to abide by the new law.

These Washington insiders think they know what is best for the unlearned and those that need additional help which also extends to other forms of handouts.

Voters are an underclass that do not realize what is about to descend upon their back pockets.

Nothing is free, but we are led to believe that we should pounce upon the rich to cover our lazy selves with every item that causes idle times and extended hands because those who work for their money do not deserve a comfortable lifestyle on an island.

Have those in power in Washington become our ruling class who think of themselves as above the law and thus entitled to exceptions to the law? Does that make us who must abide by the law second class citizens? Are we now commoners who must bow to the wishes of our rulers?

I thought there were to be no classes in America! Isn’t that why our ancestors left our countries of origin — so that we could be equal and enjoy equal freedoms with no one of us better than the other?

Me thinks Mary is quite contrary.

Dick Waltrip


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