We are all fixers in one way or another

The Way I See It


We are fixers. I may be the world’s worst, but most of us are fixers. There seems to be no beginning, nor is there an end to fixing that we feel a need to do. Watch a young child make a fuss over making sure a doll’s hat is on straight or a shirt is buttoned. Watch a youngster try to make another not talk or misbehave. Either we are born with a natural instinct to fix or it is one of the first things we learn from others.

This “fixing syndrome” really takes hold when we begin to socialize. We see a friend’s addiction to one thing or another, and feel that we have to fix that friend. We see a parent or other loved one suffering with pain or a disability and we seek a way to fix them. Yes, much of it is love, because we don’t like suffering. Suffering is uncomfortable, or painful, or just simply unpleasant, therefore, we don’t want to see others suffer, especially those to whom we are closest. But, should we be doing that? Is that part of our job on this earth? God said that we must be either hot or cold. That means we must be uncomfortable. If we are not, He will find a way for us to be uncomfortable.  You see, if we are uncomfortable, we will do something about it, otherwise, we become lazy. We perch on dead-center and do nothing. We accomplish nothing, we seek nothing, we have no goals. We are lukewarm, and He warns us that He will “spit us from his mouth”.

I believe that we should consider that God intends for us to suffer some discomfort, and that we may be in error when trying to fix things in our time, when God has His own time. Scientists are presently searching for ways to disable hurricanes and tornadoes, beecause of the mass destruction and loss of life caused by them. Scientists are also doing “stem cell research” in a effort to fix the abnormalities of the human body. I certainly understand the talent of these individuals and their pursuit of the yet to be discovered, but can we fix everything? Should we fix everything? I think we can only do so in God’s time.

We are famous for wanting our children to have more, or live better lives than we did, and we are always trying to fix them, but we all know that a child only learns to walk from the times that he or she fails. That is not just true of learning to walk, but in all things of life. We must fail a little in order to succeed. We must suffer to earn the rewards of victory. Maybe we should not be so quick to keep our children from repeating the mistakes that we have made, but let them learn by making their own set of mistakes. And, we shouldn’t be standing there and pointing our finger while saying, “I told you so”. As a matter of fact, we are still pretty good at making our share of mistakes, though we should have learned some valuable lessons by this time in our lives.

Maybe the sermon we heard at church was for us, not for the other person whom we thought ought to be listening. Did it make you uncomfortable? Was the message directed at you? Maybe I am the one who needs fixing and only I can fix me. Maybe I should spend more time fixing me, rather than trying to fix others around me. Wow! Now there’s a revelation. Could I not be perfect? Am I really fallible? Maybe I am fallible. Good – finally I admitted it. It’s the first step in becoming fixed.

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