Benghazi Still Not Explained

Dear Editor,

This American has been DEMANDING truthful answers on Benghazi. I have written my congressional delegation repeatedly and often regarding that atrocity. I will continue doing so. They have been copied on this comment.

Four Americans killed including an Ambassador and all we have heard are lies and distortions. The families and the American public deserves the truth.

I don’t consider this a political issue. It is not about Republicans or Democrats. It is all about truth and transparency from our government. Truth from the people who work for us.

We deserve to know why the security requests were ignored. We deserve to know why the pleas for help when the attack first began were ignored. We deserve to know why those people were abandoned by our own government to die. We deserve to know what that Benghazi office was there for and what they were doing. We deserve to know why the investigations have been stonewalled and why so many of those people involved have been told to keep quiet. The  “talking points” are a nit, but need explained because they were known lies and why lying to the American people seemed important at the time.

This is a big deal! It should NEVER be allowed to quietly disappear. It matters, regardless of what Clinton says. People died making it a much bigger deal than Watergate. Benghazi and the IRS scandals must be answered.

We support Select Committees, Special Prosecutors, or any other means of getting the truth.

But we are incensed that one year later, we still do not have any answers and the administration is using diversion after diversion to avoid or stonewall the investigations.

Wayne Peterkin


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