Pull up your pants, people

The City of Crowley has become the latest municipality in Southwest Louisiana to ban sagging pants.
This doesn’t mean the powers that be will start measuring waistlines and telling people what size jeans or shorts they should be wearing. You have probably (and unfortunately) seen someone on the streets and in businesses who have purposely secured their pants well below their waists – sometimes even below their buttocks – for reasons few of us can understand.
It’s certainly not a fashion statement. If anything, it looks ridiculous and gives innocent bystanders a view of underwear they did not want to see.
In Crowley, such ridiculousness will now cost first time offenders no more than $200 or no more than 60 days in jail, if not both. The same person convicted of a second offense will be fined nothing less than $100 and not less than 15, or up to 60, in jail, if not both.
The Crowley ordinance points that “the practice of wearing outer clothing sagging below the waist is not identified or associated with free speech or expression or serves a public purpose…” That statement is quite true. What purpose does exposing underwear serve? Really, it only serves to make one look like a fool.
No matter how free this country is, we should all be able to walk down public streets, shop at businesses or enjoy time in public places without having to see someone’s rear end. Some might argue, “Well, don’t look.” But when someone is pretty much walking around in their underwear while their pants are at their knees, it’s something that will naturally catch people’s eyes.
So, pull up your pants, Crowley. And, while we’re at it, pull up your pants, Jeff Davis Parish.
We cannot stress enough how ridiculous you look.

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