Reader Discusses Benghazi

Dear Editor,

The substandard security remains only one of several important issues regarding the Benghazi disaster.

When the attack first began, no one, not one living soul, had any idea of how intense the attack might be, how long it might last, or how long the defenders might be able to hold out before being overwhelmed.  It does not matter how far away help was because no one could predict what would transpire in the future hours. Therefore, there is NO EXCUSE why help was not dispatched immediately after the attack began. Help should have been sent within minutes understanding that it could be recalled if not needed. Why was help not sent? (Saying it was too far away and could not have arrived in time is hindsight and not a valid excuse.)

We still do not know what that Consulate (or whatever you call it) in Benghazi was even there for.

The one thing we do know is that four decent Americans including an Ambassador were abandoned by their superiors, our own dishonorable government, to die and no one has been held accountable to this day. When that dork Patrick Kennedy claimed that people were held accountable, I’ll be willing to bet that they still hold their same pay grade today. They may have had a job title change but little else. That’s worse than disgraceful.

We still don’t know why our government felt it was necessary to lie, blatantly and repeatedly, to the American people about the cause of the attack.

We still don’t know why the FBI has conducted no credible or thorough investigation nor have any attempts been made to arrest any of the perpetrators. Why?

Patrick Kennedy answered nothing. He should be fired as should every other person associated with this debacle, and that termination should include the loss of any future benefits.

In short, we still know virtually no more than we did shortly after the atrocity occurred. The stonewalling and lies continue a year later. It is past time for a Select Committee and for heads to roll.

This is a really big deal as is the IRS scandal. Americans died in Benghazi making it much bigger than Watergate. One can only imagine the outrage in the media if this were a Republican administration at fault instead of their poster child.

Wayne Peterkin


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