Reader Shares Views on Healthcare, Syria

Dear Editor,

My congratulations to Brett Marino for bringing to local attention the dire situation existing in our medical care, both as it presently exists and in the catastrophic “unaffordable, IRS-run, Medical Care Act, called Obamacare”. We desperately need major changes in how our people have access to, and pay for medical care, but must keep a socialist government, looking for total control over its people, out of the administration of that health care.

Gov. Huckabee had an excellent full-hour TV program involving patients, business people, insurance people, and doctors. If these people were put in a room for 4-6 weeks and their recommendations were followed we could have a wonderful medical program for the nation with no interference from government, politicians, unions, or special interest groups. But that may be too simple for the politicians to accept.

My second congratulations is to Mr. Peterkin, from Evangeline, who recently wrote about our involvement in Syria, and the ineffectiveness of the United Nations. I’ll not enter the argument about what we should do about our involvement in Syria, but will add a few words about the United Nations, and what they accomplish. The U.S. furnishes most of the finances to run the U.N., and because of veto power by Russia and China, has no real voice in their functions. There are approximately 193 member states in the U.N., and most are there only to add to the expense of operations; they have no real significance. If the U.N. were a true international governing body how easy the matter of controlling weapons of mass destruction would be! With the backing of all members, since these weapons have been banned by the entire world since 1925, the U.N. should simply identify any country storing these weapons, and with international support go in and remove all weapons of mass destruction from all countries who have them in their possession. If no one has weapons of mass destruction, no one could use weapons of mass destruction, and no one would have to go to war to solve the problem. This is how a true United Nations should function, but since what we have as a U.N. is stuck in neutral, but motor running at maximum rpm, and burning up an awful lot of expensive fuel, I would like to see us stop funding the U.N., and spend that money starting to rebuild a strong United States of America. When we are once again a strong Nation, militarily and financially, we can look around the world, decide if some worthy nation is in need, and decide for ourselves whether or not to offer our aid. Just my opinion.

J.B. Hargroder, MD


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