Readers Express Concern Over Possible American Involvement in Syria

Dear Editor,

I thought I’d never see the day that John Kerry, a Vietnam turncoat who threw his medals over the White House fence, would be on TV trying to convince America to go to war against Syria.

This is one of our dream concerns that are accumulating in Washington, D.C., and one wonders what is next. (Athlete’s foot?)

This president has no creditability in giving any armed services advice as he has never served in any part of any armed service unless Chicago handouts are a suggested force.

Where in the heck are we headed is a topic expressed at coffee shops throughout the country as we wait on a highly ranked and experienced leader of force that was successful in fighting many sidewalk handouts.

Flip a coin and have a shotgun ready, as the vice president has instructed, to repel all intruders or home invaders and maybe this could be used worldwide on balconies.

Stupid strategy is what?

Dick Waltrip



Dear Editor,

Please, think about the Syrian issue logically for a change.

Bashar al-Assad has committed an atrocity. He should be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. He should be hung, and tomorrow morning would not be too soon. The thought of women and children being gassed in the streets is too horrible to comprehend.

But whose responsibility is it to hold Assad accountable?

It is the international community’s responsibility, not America’s alone.

If the UN with Russia and China and all the rest are unwilling to stand up for what is clearly right and stop such violations of “international norms”, then perhaps the UN should be disbanded as simply unworkable. But regardless of the UN’s failures, it still is not America’s responsibility alone to take action against Syria.

If the UN refuses to punish the use of chemical weapons against civilians anywhere, the UN has sacrificed all of its reason for existence.

Obama’s argument about U.S. national security being threatened by Syria is a joke. Iran threatens our national security, North Korea threatens our national security, not Syria. One day he is talking about “red lines” and having to take action to enforce “international norms” and the next he decides to consult with Congress and delay action. Furthermore, he does not call Congress into an emergency session to deal with this “crisis” but is willing to wait over a week until their summer vacation is over!

All the while, this administration has made us the laughing stock of the world. Obama has squandered all of our international credibility, our international respect, and our international influence with his dithering, his blather, and his very obvious weakness; and not just on Syria, but his foreign policy or lack thereof since taking office. Benghazi is still the shining example of incompetence if not worse.

I am ashamed of this sorry excuse of a president and have become equally ashamed of a Congress who allows him to get away with it. I am embarrassed that we have elected such ineffectual leadership. Shame on us all, and forgive our foolishness.

What is happening in Syria is an atrocity for sure. But it is the responsibility of the UN to step up for a change and deal with it, not for America to commit another international blunder by acting unilaterally like the world’s cop.

Please put politics aside and think through our responsibility as a nation logically and thoughtfully before agreeing to commit another foreign policy blunder. If the administration has no common sense and no backbone, perhaps you can persuade them to do what’s right.

Wayne Peterkin


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