The IRS is a black eye on our country

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We have a problem in this country. It is called the IRS. Their projected budget for 2014 is $12,249,242 billion. That is 12 billion-plus for one entity of government that could be 90 percent eliminated with a flat tax. The IRS elimination would just be the beginnings of ridiculous burdens on the taxpayers if we simply moved to a value added tax, a tax that would be applied to only that which one consumes. If you buy a lawn mower or a loaf of bread you would pay tax on those items and it is said that a flat tax would garner more income than all of the ridiculous taxes and fees we now pay. That doesn’t take into account all the tax accountants, lawyers and tax services that we support just to make sure we follow all the IRS regulations.

The IRS is a typical government agency that contradicts itself in its own description of why they exist. According to their website the IRS Strategic Plan is to make Voluntary Compliance easier and Enforce the law to make sure that everyone meets their obligation to pay their taxes. I think the operative words here are “voluntary compliance” and “enforce” to make us compliant. Let me see, if I volunteer to help the Red Cross, for example, is there a law that will have to be enforced to make sure that I really do volunteer? I’m not going to get into a long-winded discussion about whether or not the IRS can legally force us to pay taxes because it is a moot point. However, this agency is one of the “black eyes” in this country that needs to be diminished on a very large scale. It is ludicrous to spend over $14 billion annually to make sure the citizens of this country meet their obligation to support the government.

Supporting the government would be much simpler with a simpler tax collection system and a more efficient use of our tax dollars. By the way, the IRS budget increases 7-10 percent each year and 10 percent of $12 billion is a huge sum of wasteful spending. Obamacare will add to this burden in much larger proportions because 15,000 new people are being added to the payroll to make sure (enforce) that we “voluntarily” purchase health insurance.

It’s your dollars. Keep voting them in and they will continue to believe you are happy with the way they spend it.

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