Can The Trend of Stagnation and Degeneration be Changed ?

Dear Editor,

Great countries became great because of “Leadership”, and continued controlled growth and prosperity. When benefit to government over benefit to citizen began to take hold, stagnation occurred, and the demise of that great country had its beginning. I was amazed to learn that the great Roman Empire following the glories of the Julius Caesar era developed a welfare state similar to ours. The weak emperors with no leadership abilities kept promising and giving to their subjects, to maintain their loyalty and political support, until the government had nothing more to promise or give; then the whole government collapsed or suffered a revolt by the people who kept thinking they deserved more that the government could continue to provide.

The four pillars of our successful way of life here in America, designed by those who painstakingly wrote our Constitution, are: 1. A representative government of the people, for the benefit of the people being governed. 2. The free market. 3.The Rule of Law, and, 4. A Civil Society. What is the current status of these principles?

1. Our political parties are no longer concerned about the future of the country or the people they represent. Their decisions are based solely on their re-election and the power of the party. A bankrupt country for our children and grandchildren is not the issue so long as they get by the next election. 2. These same people have so over regulated our “free market” that businesses can no longer show profits at year end, therefore no expansion , no hiring, no increase in wages. 3. “Who regulates the regulators?” The rule of law, which is to insure equal justice to all, has now become laws for Lawyers and politicians. Extremely complicated legislation is passed, stifling economic growth, not understood by even those who supposedly wrote the legislation. These same legislators, or other Bureaucrats, then form companies who act as consultant s to explain to business how they must comply with the new laws. Also, the rule of law to be effective is to be readily available to all citizens with minimal delay, and at affordable cost.  Has any of you been to court lately and seen reasonable costs or the issue handled in a timely manner? Most major lawsuits are delayed for years, most federal judges will not load their schedule, and as lawyer costs reach astronomical levels most cases are settled rather than tried so the real truth never reaches the surface. 4. The fourth pillar, that of a civil society, is no longer with us. Previous generations wanted a better life for those who would follow. Today we are giving in to a socialistic government, ever increasing in size, at astronomical costs, and signing IOUs for our children and grandchildren to pay. We have broken that civil contract with our following generations, so necessary among human beings if a country in to continue to grow and prosper. We are asking favors, for ourselves, from government which government cannot afford to give, and asking later generations to pick up the payments. Unfortunately the government and their controlled media have convinced most young college graduates that the very things that will destroy their future is in their best interest, and like sheep following the lead bell ringer to the slaughter, they do not question, they follow!

I know some of you read the articles I write because I hear from you. Get involved, write your opinion, tell me where I am wrong, and tell all of us if you feel that the degeneration of all our pillars of prior success have been eroded too far to be corrected.

J B Hargroder MD


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