Congress is biggest welfare state in the nation

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As we discussed here last week, the one-term idea for all of our elected, from Main Street to the Beltway in Washington, is an idea that we should think very seriously about. One look at Washington this month will sell the idea of one-term politicians and if the vote were to take place today, it would be a landslide victory for the people.

The audacity of the egotistical maniacs who take up space in Congress and the White House, who can justify twiddling their thumbs while “Rome burns” gives the American voters all the ammunition we need to oust them all from office. Obama’s refusal to budge on the error-filled healthcare law, along with the absolute stubbornness of the Congress to discuss and find common ground for reduction of government’s wasteful spending is akin to spitting in the collective faces of all of us.

On Tuesday of this week, a GOP proposal to delay a tax on medical appliances that is part of Obamacare, along with the stripping of government subsidies that pay for medical insurance for Congressmen has no chance of passing Congress. Do you actually think that they are willing to give up benefits for the good of the country? Fat chance. Congress may the biggest welfare State in the nation and they aren’t about to push themselves away from the trough. They will threaten veterans, Social Security, Medicare, and education, but they will not give up a single dime from their pockets.

The circus that we are witnessing in Washington is nothing more than Hollywood theatrics and there will be some sort of compromise forthcoming, probably by the time you read these words. It will be another demonstration of kicking the can down the road, and we will face this same situation just a few months from now. I hope you remember this when you enter the voting booth.

We need to enact one-term limits and many of our problems with stale-mated legislatures and Washington entities will be eliminated. If they are not running for re-election, they will be serving only to fix the problems. We would only have to make sure they don’t rob us blind during that one term of office. We wouldn’t want a repeat of the Clintons stealing dishes from the White House. I wonder if Hillary would bring them back to us if she is elected to the presidency.

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