Let’s not bring up the ‘C’ word

I’m Just Sayin’


It was mid-September and I was trying to fall asleep as The Hallmark Channel played softly on my television.

My breathing was steady and my pillow felt just right, and as the soft hum of a nearby fan was just about to lull me to sleep, I heard a man’s smooth voice singing, “It’s beginning to look a lot like –,”

“No,” I mumbled in sleepy disbelief, immediately sitting upright. Surely I was beginning to dream.

But, no. There, on the television, Hallmark was advertising its upcoming Christmas movie schedule as Bing Crosby crooned in the background.

“It’s not even beginning to look a lot like Halloween yet!” I snapped, pushing a button on the remote to silence the commercial.

Christmas comes earlier each year. It’s hard to enjoy the supposedly most wonderful time of the year when it turns into a four-month celebration. In fact, some of you are probably nauseated that I am even writing about Christmas this early.

Even the area stores have jumped on the “let’s-start-celebrating-Christmas-the-day-after-Christmas” bandwagon. On one side of the store, you can find candy corn, Halloween costumes and creepy decorations, and on the other side of the store is a Nativity scene and artificial, pre-lit Christmas trees.

Where is Thanksgiving, I ask? Have we forgotten the Pilgrims and Native Americans who shared a special meal together before the Mayflower’s descendants turned into murderous thieves?

There are turkeys to be slaughtered somewhere between The Great Pumpkin and Santa Claus, you know.

I thought maybe Hallmark was the only one drinking the Christmas Kool-Aid but recently I saw a K-Mart holiday commercial. One radio station deejay mentioned the other day that he and his coworkers were planning the holiday music line-up for this year. Just last week, a cousin mentioned she needed to buy a new artificial Christmas tree.

Me? I’m just trying to get through this workweek.

Now, if you are one of those who enjoy buying gifts for everyone and hosting or attending large family gatherings, this year just might look a little bleak for you. After all, the government is on week-two of a shutdown and millions aren’t getting a paycheck. Veterans, Social Security recipients and those who depend on food stamps are not far from seeing cut or dropped benefits. Farmers aren’t getting promised checks from the government. Tons of grocery stores recently allowed food stamp recipients to go way past their maximum benefits when a problem occurred with food stamp cards, so now the stores have to repay the overages (which will undoubtedly be passed on to customers who know how much money is on their food stamp or debit cards, and therefore do not go over their limits). The security of the American dollar is being questioned since the government is about to hit its debt limit.

Yeah, Christmas in America is looking pretty bright.

I’m just sayin’, I think we should wait until the holiday season is upon us to celebrate said holiday. Besides, Congress just might shutdown Christmas, too.

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