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Dear Editor,

The Republican Party is NOT the answer to the nation’s problems today, at least not the establishment GOP that is complicit in the monumental problems facing this nation today.

However, the Democratic Party IS EVEN WORSE. The Democrats have insisted on creating the mess we have and far too many Republicans have followed their lead like little puppies.

That’s why so many elections are reduced to selecting the lesser of evils.

So if our current political parties are the problem and not the solution, what is the solution?

It’s really very simple. Our Constitution and the limited federal government that it created, not the increasingly tyrannical behemoth the government has become today. Conservative principles are the answer, not Republicans or Democrats, and it all starts with our Constitution.

Our federal government was created on what are called today conservative principles. Principles that demanded personal responsibility, maximum freedom for the individual, fiscal responsibility by the government, without individual dependence on a federal monstrosity.

If we start a gradual reversal to the principles that founded this nation, it can be saved. But we if we continue down the path we are on, a path that says Washington should be the solution to all of our problems, that government is responsible to take care of us, and that ultimate, dictatorial power must be bestowed on a president and/or Congress, then our problems will not only fail to be fixed, they will get worse until the nation collapses.

With a $17 Trillion national debt not to mention the tens of trillions in unfunded future liabilities, we are very close to that collapse already.

We have lost our way, and both political parties can share the blame although not equally.

The greatest experiment in self-government seen in human history is being destroyed today by people who refuse to be strong, independent citizens standing on their own along with power-mad politicians only too happy to encourage public dependence on the government.

First, we need an educated, responsible electorate that is not dominated by those who get what little current events they get at all from a late-night comedy show. We need citizens engaged in the issues. Then we need term limits to eliminate the professional politician who focuses on buying votes with taxpayer money to further their career and gain political power; politicians who appeal to those people who are demanding more and more from the government while contributing nothing to our society. Last, we need to find honorable, honest, real conservative leadership; people who are willing to undertake the difficult and sometimes unpopular task of righting a sinking ship by standing on constitutional principles.

There is an old saying that “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Those are wise words.; words heeded and respected by our founders yet words being ignored today. We better start heeding them again or we will be responsible for the destruction of the greatest nation in history.

We are too close to the brink of catastrophe to wait any longer. The time is now and it will not be easy.

Our kids and grandkids future is what’s at stake! And my grandkids are worth the effort!

It’s past time to return most of the governing power to the individual states, cities, and towns where it belonged in the first place. In other words, it’s time to return the power to the people where it was 200 years ago.

Wayne Peterkin


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