No Justice for Benghazi?

I am now resigned to the fact we will NEVER see justice for what happened in Benghazi.

I believe that tragedy was caused by gross incompetence at best and possibly criminal negligence. But those responsible will never be held accountable for political reasons. The only hope for the families of those killed and for the American people who care about the truth is for Congress, specifically the House of Representatives, to start a serious investigation with a Special Committee or an Independent Special Prosecutor. I favor a tough ISP.

But understand from the outset that there are some in the House, most in the Senate including the Senate leadership,  all in the White House, and many in the media who do not want the truth to ever be known. They want it covered up and to just go away. To them, the four dead Americans were nothing more than collateral damage no more important than innocents that are killed in a Pakistan drone strike.

Protecting their ideological soul mates is far more important than justice.

Considering the political circumstances in this nation today, we are never likely to see anyone held accountable for what happened in Benghazi.

Wayne Peterkin


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