Things are pretty scary this Halloween

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BOO!!! I am the government and I am here to help. That is just about the scariest greeting anyone could have on this Halloween. Forget the treats – there are only tricks in the bag that Uncle Sam bears. He comes bearing new health care but signing up has to be a trick. He said, “if you like your present health care, you don’t have to change. You can keep what you have.” Another trick, because your insurance company backed out of the deal.

He said, “if you like your doctor, you can maintain that same relationship.” The trick is that your doctor may have decided to retire to the ranch or will no longer accept Medicare. He said that many will be able to secure less expensive premiums for their coverage, but he hasn’t explained how he will add 15 million people to the rolls, remove pre-existing illnesses, and be able to lower the costs of insurance. It’ll be another hat trick.

The new healthcare program encourages people to participate in a mail-order drug plan, so again government has proven that they are anti-capitalism. The Mom and Pop pharmacies will slowly disappear and Big Brother will be watching every move you make. They are already monitoring your cell calls and Internet use and are doing the same to our worldwide allies. It won’t be long before our monetary system is removed and we will have to complete every transaction electronically. Then we can just wait at our front doors for them to come and put us in shackles. Without a free monetary system, slavery will return, not to a few, but to the many.

“We did not adequately do end-to-end testing,” Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary said. “I don’t think anyone estimated the degree of problems.” What did she say? When Congresses passes a bill that hasn’t even been read and understood, what can anyone expect except this degree of problems? No wonder they are screaming for her resignation, but she is just the “patsy”. We should be screaming for the resignation of Congress, the President, and his Cabinet, along with the Supreme Court.

If Washington isn’t spooky enough, take a look around any of the 50 state capitols. You probably won’t find anyone who needs a mask to frighten you. Just follow their daily routines and the legislature they produce on a daily basis and you will have all the nightmares you can stand.

It’s time for one-term limits on all the elected. They won’t pass it on themselves. We the people will have to do it.

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