Fire Obama and Congress

Dear Editor,

I have written before and am doing so again now pleading with you to restore the separation of powers in our Constitution and put a stop to Obama’s Imperial Presidency.

One or more of our congressmen, hopefully bi-partisan majorities in both the House and Senate, should file a lawsuit requesting the Supreme Court immediately define the separation of powers in order to reassert our Constitutional Republic.

If others refuse, perhaps the Senate Conservatives are the ones to file this suit. Someone must.

This administration has been trampling the Constitution since taking office and their boldness in doing so continues to grow. For example, no matter how flawed the unAffordable Care Act more commonly called Obamacare may be, it can only be changed by Congress. Obama has NO constitutional authority to simply delay, overturn, or change that law without congressional votes and approvals. Nor did he have authority to decide which laws he would or would not enforce, yet he and his Injustice Department have done so with impunity.

Obama’s decision to delay the employer mandate along with today’s decision to allow insurers to continue selling old policies previously cancelled may or may not be popular, but those decisions are ILLEGAL.

Yet he has does so without a whimper of protest from Congress. This administration demonstrates a complete and utter contempt for congressional authority. What on earth is Congress afraid of? Why do they allow this?

Would the Democrats or the media permit this abuse of power from a Republican president? I think not.

Our courts will not get involved unless a lawsuit is filed forcing that involvement. It is past time for that litigation to be filed and fast-tracked to the SCOTUS.

We never elected a king even though Obama has tried to assume those powers. If my members of Congress cannot see the threat to this nation’s survival by failing to harness presidential power and forcing Obama and all future executives into compliance with constitutional constraints, I can only say that perhaps we need to fire all of Congress and start over.

Please stand up for the Constitution. File a lawsuit to enforce the constitutional separation of powers and do so now.

Thank you,

Wayne Peterkin


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