Government hypocrisy is running rampant

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Ben Stein said, “Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that forces its citizens to provide proof of insurance but the same government does not require proof of citizenship.” He also said, “and now any of those who are unable or refuse to provide proof of citizenship will receive free insurance paid for by those who are forced to buy insurance because they are citizens.”

While the citizenry is forced to buy health insurance, the Congress, White House and most of the bureaucracy are exempt from the requirement, along with several special interest groups whose votes have been obviously purchased through the special exemption.

Meanwhile, there was, during the last elections, a huge uproar regarding the requirement to produce a picture ID in order to vote in some states. It seems that the requirement to show that the voter is actually the person who is supposed to be voting really is that person, but somehow this has been construed to be oppression of the poor or minorities. It is very plain to the majority that this is nothing but a ploy to corrupt the election process and stuff the ballots with votes from people who may actually be dead or, at the least, guilty of multi-voting in different precincts.

These same people who are supposedly oppressed by the requirement to provide a picture identification to vote are regularly required to provide picture identification to cash a check, enter a major sporting event, claim a casino payout or lottery jackpot, or buy a bottle of wine or whiskey. They seem to have no problem when doing all those things but have a huge objection and feel they are discriminated against by the requirement when entering the voting booth. Many States, including Louisiana, have required picture IDs for voting purposes for many years, and I haven’t heard a single complaint in the 50 years I have been casting my ballot.

Personally, I believe that the contesting of this requirement comes from people who have something to hide, just like those who protest the use of traffic cameras that catch them running traffic lights and speeding. Are you listening Congress? You must think we are some kind of special stupid.

If it looks like manure, smells like manure, and feels like manure, don’t step in it.

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