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Dear Editor,

Seduction is by definition is “to tempt, to corrupt, to induce to surrender chastity, or innocence”.

Rape is “forcible violation, or abduction, and seizure”.

When the above words are used, or heard, we usually think of them as referring to sex; we also tend to associate the perpetrator with being a criminal performing a criminal act.

I submit to you voters that seduction can be accomplished in matters other than sex, and that you have been seduced and raped in a political sense by progressive liberal politicians.

Food stamps for one-half the population, no taxes for another one-half of the population, free telephones for any of the total population who wishes to apply, extended unemployment benefits far beyond the limits described in unemployment insurance guide lines, insurance with no increase in premiums for pre-existing conditions, allow your children to remain on your insurance until age 26, (26 years-old is a child?), all your insurance premiums will be reduced with better coverage. No use going any further with the seduction, if you thought you would be a recipient of these proposed handouts you are being seduced in an attempt to get your vote on any upcoming election.

Rape followed the seduction, in the re-election of President Obama under conditions that range from carefully planned deception to overt lies; all kept concealed from the general public until after his re-election. The Benghazi raid, IRS illegally targeting conservative organizations, NSA investigating reporters who investigated wrongdoings by the White House, fast and furious gun running scandal; all of these investigations were carefully blocked from congressional review because of total control by the Senate, the Attorney General, and the President (made very easy with most of the news media afraid to write or say anything that may go against “their President”). No investigating-type reporting was attempted by the liberal press!

The “New World Order”, “Redistribution of Wealth”, which has always been the Ideology of the President, has depended on total control of the citizenry by government. “Obamacare”, with IRS supervision, would control over 20 percent of our economy, and give government control of 100 percent of the population. The president needs this legislation to reach his goal of total government control and is the reason he was willing to openly lie so many times to keep the terrible news from the public, at least until after his re-election. He was willing to criminally rape the citizens to fulfill his lust for power and to consummate his dream of changing the World into a Socialist Society, with a world government and world financial control. God help all of us if we, victims of rape, continue to believe all of his lies or listen to politicians like “pass the bill, so we can find out what is in it Pelosi”, or Mary Landrieu, who suddenly, because of re-election worries, has learned the dangers of Obamacare when it was her vote in the Senate which allowed its passage without a single vote from a Republican in the House or Senate.

J B Hargroder MD


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