Will We Continue To Accept Lies From Washington?

Dear Editor,

Truth: Conformity with fact; also established fact. This is what is said in the Dictionary !

Politician’s Truth: Anything that may get votes for the upcoming election. Damn, and disregard, established fact !!

Mark Twain said, “Seek out, and follow, those who constantly are searching for the truth; beware of those who claim to have found the truth.”

Apparently most voters in America are not informed correctly about the Mark Twain quotation. Our voters apparently think he said to seek out and follow those who have never known the truth, therefore do not know how to tell the truth!

This past week has been a teaching jewel for poetry teachers who want to explain to their students the meaning of the lines of poetry from Walter Scotts’, “Marmion”. The famous quotation reads: “Oh what a tangled web we weave; when first we practice to deceive!” Watching Pelosi, Reed, Biden, the President, and even the representatives of the liberal press try to untangle the web they have been weaving for the past five years was almost hilarious if it was not so tragic. They are having difficulty putting the tooth paste back into the tube!

I have been told that some “white lies” are acceptable because they are told only to help or protect another. When lies are told with total disregard for the harm it will inflict on others, and are told only to farther the agenda of a political group, I personally consider it an act of Treason, and a grave felony. I am becoming ashamed of the American voters who have accepted this behavior of people in such high places. Why should our children choose to tell the truth when the President and all his subordinates don’t follow the rules?

George Washington warned all citizens when he left office to be aware that one day “ the power of the political party would become more important than the party caring for the needs of their citizens.” What a smart and forward thinking man our first president was !!!

Wake Up American voter! Forgive those who make honest mistakes; forgive those who have human failings and want to improve and try again, but for God’s sake quit voting for the bold faced liars who are looking out only for themselves and could care less about you !!

J B Hargroder MD


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