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Words from a Gaither song say “mighty God and fragile baby, a lowly manger holds, it’s still the Greatest Story ever told”. Powerful words and so appropriate for this time of the year, though we should be more aware of the impact of these words all during the year. “Mighty God and fragile baby” the consummation of the humanity of Jesus given to walk amongst the common here on earth and yet the greatest King ever, all wrapped in swaddling clothes and born the meekest and poorest of all in a stable – the great and small of it all.

Many times our human ego and pride swells beyond capacity and we brag of our great accomplishments, the success of a business venture, the winning of an award, accomplishments on the athletic fields, in theater, on paper, canvas or in wood. We pride ourselves on being great parents, great helpers of the poor and downtrodden, great preachers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, cooks and a myriad of other vocations, but rarely do we consider from where all these talents aspire. Our Christmas celebration seems to be more about what great gift we may seek out for that special person, rather than the Gift in that manger so many years ago.

Though I am well aware that these words that emanate from my fingertips on this keyboard are not mine, that I am but a vessel from which He pours forth whatever good may come from these writings, it is very easy for me to take credit when someone offers kind words of a column that has appeared here, and easy for me to forget that the good thoughts come from a much higher power. When I denigrate, ridicule, or accuse here, some may consider them well-written, but my satisfaction may be short-lived when I am reprimanded by my Maker.

Christmas is a time when I also become more aware of the blessings that I have been given, and a time when I am more thankful for each of you who reads and comments on these ideas. Never would the written word have been recorded if there was no one to read them, and one who writes should feel some responsibility for that which he or she records.

Since all writings pale in comparison to the Bible, then all readers, and especially writers, should understand that the rest is just fodder, and though I sometimes swell in the glow of compliments, God does put me in my rightful place when my critics share with me. It is the time of year when I must remind myself that all that I have is on loan from my Father, and it is my duty to care for and share those precious gifts. They don’t come wrapped in pretty paper and ribbons, but in “swaddling clothes.”

May you have a Blessed Christmas.

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