Obamacare is a Disaster

Dear Editor,

Obamacare is NOT just a stinking website problem! That issue is a nit. An expensive nit for the taxpayer to be sure, an embarrassment, a disgrace, but something that can and will eventually work acceptably if not perfectly.

The real problem with Obamacare is not the website, it’s Obamacare itself. It is destroying private health insurance and replacing it with a far more expensive one-size-fits-all government-engineered monstrosity that hurts more people than it will ever help. It is the first and biggest step towards the fully socialized medicine that our socialist politicians covet.

The big issues are millions and millions of people seeing health insurance they were satisfied with being cancelled and then being forced to buy more expensive insurance, often far more expensive, from an “exchange” that includes additional coverage they do not want or need and certainly don’t want to pay for. Why? Because some damned politicians and bureaucrats think they know better than the American people.

It’s employees of even major corporations seeing their share of their health insurance costs rise substantially. They are not just having to pay more for their monthly premium, they are also seeing their deductibles and co-pays rise; in some cases by more than double. Millions of people’s average annual health insurance costs are rising by thousands and thousands of dollars per year!

That’s a PROBLEM. It’s taking billions of dollars out of our economy that were previously used for other things and putting many Americans in a serious financial bind.

People are being forced onto a health insurance system that is not as good or as affordable as what they previously had. Yes, many will sign up for health insurance from an Obamacare exchange. Most will do so because they no longer have any alternative, not because they want to. Millions more will forgo health insurance until they absolutely need it and will use the new pre-existing condition mandate to buy in after becoming ill. They can negate the threat of a fine by simply adjusting their tax withholding so they do not qualify for a tax refund at year end.

In the meantime, a growing number of doctors and hospitals will refuse patients on the exchanges or on Medicare because reimbursements will decline. Many are already refusing Medicaid patients. And no rational person can blame them.

The end result will be lower quality healthcare, less research and innovation in treating and curing major health problems, far more rationing of healthcare, all along with higher costs; both direct insurance costs for businesses and consumers as well as for government subsidies that lead to higher taxes and higher national debt.

Costs are skyrocketing for consumers in large part because of the new mandated “benefits”. The “free” preventative care is NOT free! The pre-existing condition mandate is VERY EXPENSIVE. The keeping of adults (a 26 year old is NOT a kid any longer!) on parents’ insurance has a real cost. The elimination of any lifetime maximum may look nice but has a cost. All of these costs and more are built in to the new health insurance premiums in addition to the normal inflation increases.

Why should everyone without a “pre-existing condition” have to pay substantially more for health insurance so someone else can receive that benefit? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to offer some specialized health insurance coverage for just those people with serious conditions who did not qualify for “normal” insurance?

Millions have seen their health insurance cancelled recently solely due to Obamacare. Those people are being forced by government coercion to look at the Obamacare exchanges because they have no other alternative, even though the Obamacare choices are inferior to the insurance they had. Then the politicians crow that Obamacare is working because these people have been forced to buy a more expensive policy just to have some insurance coverage? It’s already happening. It’s akin to the government outlawing every car except a Cadillac and then boasting that Cadillac sales are up!

And our lying politicians hid these Obamacare costs and sold this piece of crap like it was all “free”. They should be in jail for fraud against the American people! They have committed a far bigger crime than Bernie Madoff ever dreamed of! Did it ever occur to these boneheads that maybe some honesty up front and then letting the people decide might have been better than forcing the public onto a sinking garbage barge?

Obamacare is the DISASTER! Forget the website. It’s a nit.

Wayne Peterkin


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