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Dear Editor,

The Judeo-Christian religion and all others, with the exception of Islam, were initiated as peaceful religions. Mohammed, on the other hand, conquered by the sword, and the choices offered to the conquered, other than joining the religion, were not very appealing. With this strategy the religion, and ideology of Islam, was extremely successful and allowed the armies of Islam to occupy all of the Middle East countries, much of Africa, and much of Europe during the first 100-150 years. The Crusades and many other individual battles over the years have prevented their ambitions of world domination with the imposition of “Sharia Law”, and Islamic Caliphates around the world. Their Ambitions have not changed, and their methods of achieving their goals are many; the most dangerous of which is to infiltrate democratic governments and use their laws of liberty and justice, along with ever increasing birthrates within the Islamic family, to accomplish their objectives.

At the end of WW2 we had the “Truman Doctrine”. Europe was in shambles, had to be rebuilt, and had to be protected from the ever increasing threat of the Ideology of communism. Besides a guarantee against military aggression we insured that no organized political group could take advantage of the fragile society post war. We had to fight the ideology of communism around the world for many years since WW2, and are ever so slowly winning that battle. (Communism doesn’t encourage martyrdom).

Washington’s decision to remove sanctions in dealing with Iran, and not insisting on a complete inspection capability, with a total agreement by Iran to never have nuclear weapons, indicates to me that our state department does not understand the “Ideology of Islam”. Also, our decision was made politically to take some of the heat from the news media away from the tragedy of “Obamacare”.

The extreme radicals of Islam believe that all failures of Islam to recapture their past glories is because they have softened their stance on World domination. One of these beliefs is that the 12th Imam (correlates to the 2nd coming of Christ) will return to bring all faithful believers to “Allah” and the blessings offered in Heaven, but only after world conflict, and if necessary “Martyrdom”, by the true believers. With this radical belief, and Iran being the most radical Islamic nation which has already called for the total destruction of Israel, how easy it would be to sneak in a small nuclear bomb; just large enough to rid the area of a small democratic nation called Israel .According to this radical religious belief, if the U.S. did retaliate with Nuclear weapons the world might be destroyed along with Iran; but all true believers in Iran would have their “Virgins in Heaven”, so who would care about the condition of the rest of the world? I think our state department had better do some more reading on the history of the religion of Islam, and their deeply rooted belief in “Martyrdom for the cause”. If they don’t care about the condition of the world after a retaliatory nuclear strike against Iran; I do!

J B Hargroder MD


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