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Dear Editor,

America became the “Miracle Country” because it offered its citizens complete freedom, and the ability to realize dreams they could only dream of in other countries. In other countries, leaders looked out for leaders, not their citizens. This Miracle Country was made possible by our constitution, and the fabulous amount of thought put into those documents, to protect and help we the people, while preventing those in power from becoming too powerful. We, the people, have slowly but surely allowed Washington politics, and the “Money Managers” who control our politicians to erode the protections of the constitution and they have given, to themselves, the power to enslave the citizen to work the plantation for the owners. I’ll try to list some of the problems and if possible some solutions.

#1 Politicians are doing exactly what President Washington warned us about; caring only for power of the political party, and getting re-elected, with disregard for truth and the well being of citizen and country. Solution: Anyone we send to Washington should be independent, representing our wishes, not any political party, and should have term limits; the length of that term to be decided.

#2 The progressive liberal wants America to care for all the social needs of the world, and to be looked at as an equal partner, not a superior, even though we supply 95 percent of the costs on these endeavors. They want us to be a state in a world type government with world financial control. (more distribution of wealth, and allowing people from other countries to sit on panels that may dictate how we do things in America) Solution: Get rid of any politician with these thoughts !

#3 Military Security Complex: Those in government, and those in private industry, who work together to mutually benefit from military operations. John Connally, who was shot along with President Kennedy in Dallas, had a long political background in Texas and in Washington. In a personal interview with Gerald Celente, who publishes The Trends Journal, when they revisited Dallas in 1992, Connally told Celente that “if the American citizen actually knew everything that went on behind closed doors in Washington, there would be another American Revolution.” He went on to say, both parties are so influenced by, and corrupted by the lobbyists, Wall Street, and Central Bankers, they do not, and cannot, represent their citizens.

NATO alliance and all other arrangements where the U.S. guarantees other countries our military protection against Communist Aggression (which has not been necessary since Regan had the Berlin Wall torn down) has allowed these proponents of Military spread to have satellite bases and expenses around the world. Solution: Get rid of NATO, get rid of the IRS and the present tax system which allows politicians to work out sweet deals with corporations.( The Military Security Complex loves to have as many enemies as possible; the more enemies the more military equipment is needed.)

#4 Islam, and Islamic terrorists, replacing the Communist aggression threat creating the continued need for financial aid and military bases around the world. Solution: Get our military out of Muslim countries. Muslims do not want democracy as we know it. Let the Sunni, and the Shi’ites, fight their own battles! Let the Secular Muslims fight the Islamist who insists on having Sha’ria law imposed on their people.These people look at us as invaders, occupiers, and enemies because of our invasion. There may not be Terrorism to fight if we allowed them to fight their own battles, and offered help only when asked for, and the help given is to result as being in our best interest.

#5 Israel and Iran: Iran wants Israel blown off the face of the Earth! The only way to accomplish that is with atomic weapons. Solution: Total financial sanctions until complete inspections are allowed, and guarantee of cessation of all enrichment of Uranium which could possibly be used for a nuclear weapon. No Compromise!

#6 Some Isolationism as a nation with financial prosperity, or maintaining military might around the world and guaranteeing other nations our protection with little to no cost to them.( resulting in our continued financial decline) Solution: In Today’s commercial world we cannot remain an isolated nation with no regard for others. On the other hand we cannot help others as we continue the downward financial spiral. We must start looking out for America first in all matters, especially financial matters. When once again we are the country we once were, we can respond to calls for help, but only to those who by actions, not just words, want to be our friends.

#7 At home: “The Nanny Nation”. No matter what the Progressive Liberal (Socialist) politician says about our U.S. citizens; the fact remains that too many of us do not want to work to earn our living! The politician has been buying votes with giveaway programs for so long that both the politician and the citizen have become convinced they need to continue bankrupting the country to care for its citizens. Solution: Spend our tax dollars finding those who are truly in need of our help, and give them more than they presently are getting. Give out to the remainder of Citizens absolute warnings that they must be able to support a family before starting a family. One mistake creating a single mother child can be forgiven and paid for by tax payers, the second will cause all benefits to be discontinued! No more having extra children as a means of income. Finally, send politicians to Washington who believe in work ethics, the private sector, where all real jobs are created, and the Constitution which has held this country together until now; then jobs will again begin to appear for those who want to work .

J B Hargroder MD


P.S. From Dante’s Inferno: “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality”. Please join me in trying to get America back !

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