Why work when you don’t have to?

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Recently, a lady listener to a radio show in Austin, Texas, called in to express her opinion to the talk show host regarding his comments about people on welfare. Immediately I discerned a difference between “Lucy” and me. I was impressed by Lucy’s apparent honesty, though taken aback by her utter disregard for those who work and provide for all that she receives.

Of course, this information came from a You Tube disbursement so you can take it for what it is worth. However, Lucy’s apparent honesty leads me to believe that this information is on the up and up. Lucy, who is 32-years old, indicates that she plans to be on public assistance for the rest of her life, if nothing changes. She indicates that there is no incentive to work because she says, “if someone offers you a million dollars, you would be a fool to turn it down.” In other words, if you work, you are a fool. She has the facts to back up her position. Though her rent would be $600 per month, she pays only $50. She receives $450 per month in food stamps, receives $150 per month to assist in paying the electricity, and $150 a month to pay the water bill. She also receives WIC and has a free Obamaphone. She has a husband who only works occasionally for cash, and three children whom I assume are also receiving some kind of government assistance.

She contends that going to work is fruitless because each ten dollars she earns would cause a reduction of $20 in her subsidy. So if she worked, all of the pay she earned would be eaten up in childcare. When asked if the system changed would she go to work, and she indicated that she would.

As I mentioned above, there is a marked difference between Lucy and me. Brought up to be independent, working at a young age and ever since (even in retirement), I was taught to only accept assistance when I really needed it. As long as I am able to work and work is available, I would likely never find myself with a mindset like Lucy. Lucy, however, came up in a home where her parents were on public assistance, and Lucy, when asked, said her children could work if they wanted to, but she didn’t care if they did or not. She also indicated that the system, once you are in it, is constantly offering you more and better ways to receive further stipends.

The one thought that kept recurring in my head was, “Lucy, do you think that the system can continue forever?” I know that many seem to think there is no end or have decided that they will just ride the system until it goes broke. Lucy is one of those, but indicates she would go to work if she had to do so.

Lucy and her family, on the surface, don’t appear to be the people that this country is trying to reach – that is, those who cannot help themselves. Lucy and her family are freeloaders, born into it, living it, taking advantage of it, and determined to remain wards of the state for as long as they can get away with it.

Don’t look for the system to change; just keep sending your hard-earned dollars to the vote-buying politicians. They will continue to pass those dollars along to their newest generation of voters who will keep electing those who promise the most largesse from your pockets until we impose a single-term limit on all elected officials. Only then will we possibly put into office those who want to serve the tax paying, job-holding, producing citizens of this country.

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