Happy New Year!

The Way I See It


Happy New Year! The old is gone – the new is here, but will there be a change? Will we be a different nation this year or we will still be indifferent? Will we be nicer to one another or will jealousy, greed, hatred and self-gratification continue to be a way of life? Will we continue to be indifferent and apathetic to the problems that face our country today? Will we continue to allow the politicians to lie to us, to legislate for their own gain, to be dysfunctional or will we finally accept the fact that it is our responsibility to save ourselves from the downward spiral heading toward economic and moral destruction?

It is our choice and our responsibility to accept the State of the Nation. We have, through apathy, through indifference, through our “I don’t want to get involved” attitudes, brought this country to near financial demise, moral decadence, and economic collapse. Will it end with the end of 2013? The way I see it, the outlook is not promising.

While your president took another tax paid holiday in Hawaii, many others knocked each other out of the way to get that midnight special at the big box store. As soon as the prayers were said and the Thanksgiving turkey was picked clean, we exchanged “thank you for my blessings” for “get the hell out of my way, I want that big screen television.”

We threw a dollar in the red kettle and ignored the homeless wrapped in a card board box and newspapers. While a child was laying in a manger, we robbed and killed one another for an Ipod.  While some had nothing to eat for Christmas dinner, our children and grandchildren pouted because they didn’t get that new camera phone they wanted under the tree.

Change begins in the heart and prospers through thought, voice and action. If we are not part of the solution, we are the problem. I would wish us luck, but that’s not even part of the equation. Change doesn’t come from luck, but from sacrifice and fortitude. Taking is not the answer, but giving is a step in the right direction.

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