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Dear Editor,

Christmas, Christians, and other Religions; or those with no Religion:

Some describe a fine line principle as the small difference that sometimes separates what is good from what is evil, or what is right from what is wrong. A word such as “Pogrom” sounds much like Program, and could easily be confused when not listening carefully or having a hearing defect. But, their meanings are worlds apart. A program, as we all know, is simply a plan of things to do. However, Pogrom is “organized Massacre”, like the plan by Hitler to eradicate Jews from Germany.

Religion is defined as recognition, and worship, of a controlling superhuman power. The world has produced too many “Gods”, and religions, to elaborate on here. I will only say, that too often, religions were used by leaders to control the behavior of their followers, and too many innocent victims were sacrificed to appease Gods of Harvest, Gods of Rain, Gods of War, etc. Later came the Monotheistic beliefs in God, but even that one God has resulted in more deaths in God’s name than salvation in God’s name. Searching for, and hoping for eternal life, has probably been with human beings since evolution placed us on top of the animal kingdom here on earth, and gave us the ability to think, and reason. Searching for the truth has always been part of that search; dealing with those who always claim they are the only ones to have found the truth causes conflict, discord among all who may have some differences in their perception of the truth, and finally wars to settle differences.

For those who are not Christian in their belief, and do not think of Jesus as the son of god; why can they not reflect on the life Jesus led, the influence of peace and forgiveness he gave to the very evil world of the roman empire, and has managed to persist until this day. For the Atheist or Agnostic who do not accept the Kingdom of Heaven, or Christ haven risen bodily from the dead, why not try the perception that he did live, he had a profound effect on the entire world, his kingdom was over the hearts and minds of all the people who live within our world, and that if his physical body didn’t rise from the dead, then his spirit which lives in all men of good will did rise and exists in all of us today! That would be a better thought for them than to place signs in Times Square asking “Who needs Christ for Christmas”?

The end time as described in the Bible, and by Philosophers may vary but what both suggest is that we are in that “Germination Time” in the life of every planet, or “ End Time” of our world. The problem is not knowing whether that time is 100, 1000, 10,000, or millions of years. What is sure is that we have completed many principles listed by philosophers which could lead to the end time: Human Population explosion, Man winning the evolution battle, man having completed the exploration of his planet, man’s thousand fold increase in the speed of travel, ten million fold or more speed up and outreach in communication, explosion of knowledge, proliferation of computation, rise in wealth, liberation of women, slaves, and minorities, universalization of education, and the possible coming of a world language and world government.

Knowing Washington Government as well as I do; I would think it impossible to find enough honest people to run a world government, so that scenario is frightening. But, with the accomplishments of man listed above, and the discord among religions, races, financial inequalities, and political ideologies, the time has come for the world to learn to work in harmony or we have the knowledge and the capability of bringing on “The End Time”.

The Spirit of Jesus, as followed during Christmas Time, whether Jesus is regarded by non believers as the son of god, or just a fantastic citizen of the world whose spirit has persisted to guide the world, would be a great start. We, the citizens of the world need to decide whether to guide this old planet on to new glories for another few billion years, or do we want to actually witness “The End”?

J B Hargroder MD


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