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The Word Transcendence and its Place in World Government

One definition of the word transcendence is “The state of excelling, surpassing, or going beyond usual limits”. In human behavior we think of transcendence as progressing from the infant state where the infant thinks only of its individual needs, and demands immediate attention from parents for feeding, and other necessities. The infant’s world is Parents and self, and primarily self! With the passage of time that infant becomes aware of siblings, other people, and eventually schoolmates, teachers, community, and perhaps knowledge and interest in state and national government. If that progression maintains a feeling of benefit for all involved along with self, that is “Transcendental”. If, on the other hand, that expansion of self and knowledge is used only to benefit the individual with disregard for the effect on others that becomes “Narcissism”, and greed!

I have used the words “fine line principle” in other writings, to describe how close together circumstances can be, one that produces good, another that produces evil, and how difficult it may be to become well enough informed to choose between the two.

Our local, state, national, international, and world governments have now reached a critical fine line point where citizens need to become informed, and involved in the “Transcendental” approach.

A movement was started in the early 1900s to socialize America! There isn’t enough room on our local paper to elaborate here, but I am willing to elaborate and debate with anyone interested, give me a call! Our University professors, through our public education system, and specifically directed scholarships, are predominantly leaning in that direction and try desperately to have your children graduate from college with that same attitude. This attitude that Government, if given total authority, and enough tax money, can and will take care of all citizens’ needs has failed whenever and wherever tried, but it is being pushed hard here and now by politicians as a vote buying scheme to keep them in office. It also sounds good to many people, who have by now been conditioned to living fairly well on other peoples’ money; no worry about preparing themselves for life, others will provide!

Now, we must talk “Capitalism”, the system, which along with a democratic republic government, made America a country envied by every other nation and their citizens around the world. Why is our wonderful system failing? Why cannot our leaders in Washington lead this great nation, presented to them by forefathers, who apparently understood what Transcendental means? The answer is that fine line! We now have not just Capitalism, we have Rapacious Capitalism; Narcissistic and greedy business leaders and politicians who are thinking of themselves, as does that little baby, demanding that their needs be met, but with total disregard to what effect it is having on others!

Can business leaders, and all other high earners, ever learn that no one needs $100,000,000 bonuses to live comfortably, and that many of their employees down the food chain line, could well use a minimal bonus or increase in salary? The right to earn millions is the American Capitalistic way; sharing it would be voluntary, and “Transcendental”.

Can politicians quit buying votes with give- away programs that are creating a dependant nation; creating a far different society that those who came over from other countries to enjoy our freedom from their government oppression? Can they break away from the attitude that they are superior to the people who sent them to Washington, and can arrange deals with Lobbyists, or Unions, for their benefit with disregard to the outcome for the general public? Can we the voters regain the status of being the ones who tell the politician how to carry out our wishes, and do what is good for community and country, not individuals or politicians? Can we ever again get a truthful, yes or no answer, from a politician instead of waiting for that politician to decide whether or not his answer might be politically correct? That will depend on us! Yes, we have to become informed, and get involved with our world, if we want our world managed in a way that can be considered “Transcendental”.

J B Hargroder MD


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