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Dear Editor,

The SCOTUS deciding to hear the case regarding recess appointments is very welcome.

But it is NOT nearly enough.

There is a much bigger issue in play here, and one that demands resolution by the court. That issue is the Separation of Powers so (seemingly) clearly defined in our Constitution.

Congress is constitutionally designated as the only government entity that can legally create new law.

Yet we see an Executive Branch today that has assumed the power to create law by executive fiat while bypassing Congress; indeed thumbing their nose at congressional authority. This disease, the lust for power, has even affected our courts who often decide to create new law by judicial fiat (Row v. Wade comes to mind although there are many others in lower courts)!

If we do not restore the authority of our Constitution, then there are no bounds to federal government growth and tyranny by a branch of government simply exercising powers they do not legally have.

There needs to be a review and clear definition of constitutional separation of powers that prevents any future violation of those principles. I’m not certain the existing SCOTUS is even capable of making a wise decision, but one can always hope!

I have asked my legislators several times before to file a federal lawsuit demanding that review, which is something that I believe all Americans including the media should support. This is not a partisan issue. It is needed to define the future of our Constitution and our rule of law.

Are we still a “nation of laws, not of men” or not?


Wayne Peterkin


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