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President Obama went on national TV this week to allay fears that our government was over reaching in collecting data from American citizens, along with foreigners, to protect us from terrorists attacks. He is getting the expected criticism from both sides that he either went too far, didn’t go far enough, or basically did nothing.

If we were able to believe in, and trust, our government officials, we would be willing to allow them to collect the most secretive and personal data without concern. That, however, is not the case as we have witnessed over the past several years. Lawyers are trained to cleverly circumvent the intent of any law, rather than seeking the true intent and justice of any law, therefore we often end up with disappointing results in court decisions, and especially in congressional investigations. Our elected officials are predominantly lawyers, and even more frightening is that they are politically motivated lawyers. We have witnessed the most lying from top government officials ever recorded in our history with no expressed remorse when their falsehoods are exposed, yet they keep saying “we are your government we are here to help you, trust us”!

Our attorney general has prevented any investigations against “Black Panther” intimidation at voting places, while insisting that voter ID at voting places is infringing upon the rights of voters! This might be considered an overreach of executive branch of government, but we the lowly citizen is not allowed to judge the decisions made by those in such high places?

Let me educate you, as I have educated myself this past week, as to why bi-partisan panels are so ineffective, and why congress can never get direct answers when investigating such important matters as “fast and furious gun running, IRS scandal, Benghazi, purposely putting out false information, and cover up, and delay of all investigations, until after presidential elections, or any other politically damaging occurrences”:

No. 1- The political party which might be damaged, and if they hold the majority in the senate, would never ok getting independent counsel to head any investigation! Therefore, the closest to justice would be a “Bi-Partisan” selection to do the investigation.

No. 2- The majority party usually gets more members than the minority party on the bi-partisan panel.

No. 3- After all information is presented and digested by the panel, “unanimity” (by definition all must agree), is necessary before the results can be made public.

No. 4-That means the potentially damaged party would have to be in agreement with the non-damaged party to report the agreed upon findings. Is it any wonder Hilary Clinton’s name was not specifically mentioned in the otherwise very critical investigation on the Benghazi terrorist attack and the failings of the State Department? And isn’t it now perfectly clear to everyone with IQs above 50, how much dereliction of duty did occur within our Department of State if the majority party, the damaged party, is willing to admit to the public that if fact it did happen?

The minority dissent published by the Republicans is the accurate findings, but will always be regarded as being politically biased. Yes, Hillary was in charge, yes she paid no attention to multiple warnings and requests for more security, yes, on her watch four great Americans were needlessly killed, and yes both she and the president lied continuously for weeks about the attack not being instigated by terrorist groups because they collectively wanted desperately to claim their false victory over terrorists, and wanted nothing derogatory to be printed or broadcast by the media because of the upcoming re-election of Obama; but you would have to read extremely carefully between the lines to get that impression from the official report. And you might be naïve enough to believe Government Bi-Partisan reports if I had not explained to you what I had learned about how bi-partisan reports are produced, and reported!

Please join me in searching for the truth in all matters, but especially in our government, which will need maximum effort by all citizens to regain its integrity and position in world leadership. Please also remember, believe nothing from anybody until you have made a diligent search for yourself to find the real truth!

J B Hargroder MD


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