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Ok, I have heard enough of the whining from readers and columnists from one of our area newspapers about the Traffic Enforcement Detail (TED) in nearby Welsh. It seems that there is concern that drivers on I-10 will have their feelings hurt because there is a possibility that they may receive a speeding ticket in the mail, issued when they passed through Welsh and were caught on camera breaking the law. Duh! Don’t break the law. The laws are in place for people who think their rights extend above and beyond those who adhere to the laws. Suck it up. Get over it. The laws are in place for a reason and if you get caught on camera breaking the law, then let me be the first to thank you for sharing your tourist dollars with our friendly state and local communities.

Anyone who drives on I-10 can take notice of the out-of-state license plates when those vehicles blow by you like you are parked. They are also the same “tourists” who are usually driving in the left lane and impeding traffic flow and apparently cannot read the well-posted signs that read “the left lane is for passing only.” If they were truly “tourists”, they wouldn’t be driving so fast and passing up our nice little communities on their way to somewhere else. They would be stopping to enjoy the hospitality and beauty of Southwest Louisiana.

As in Lafayette, where cameras are in place at various intersections to catch speeders and traffic light violators, the only people complaining are those who break the law or plan to break the law. Suck it up. Maybe the cameras are saving a few lives and deterring an even larger number of accidents. I am all for keeping my vehicles out of the body shop for repairs, and if you get a ticket because you choose to drive without regard for my safety, you deserve the award that you receive. I fully understand that if I choose to skirt the law, I can be ticketed for my disregard of posted limits, but that is my choice and I will accept the responsibility for my actions.

I have even recently suggested to our state senator that we should place traffic cameras on the Atchafalaya Basin bridge to force those speeders to adhere to posted limits. As you well know, when one of those idiots causes an accident, thousands of drivers and their passengers are affected and numerous lives have been lost and injuries caused by their stupidity and disregard for the laws. Since the legislature and local government bodies are always complaining about lack of funding, the basin bridge could be an excellent source of revenue and cameras have proven their worth in many places around the country in encouraging drivers to adhere to posted limits.

Bobbye and I have noticed in cities like Las Vegas and Phoenix that cameras used along the interstate highways definitely discourage the local showoffs from exhibiting the power and prowess of their four-cylinder, 100-horsepower race cars that can spin their tires on wet pavement.

My suggestion to you whiners is to either heed the limits or drive somewhere else. Personally, I won’t miss the aggravation of having to share the road with any of you who think you are above the law. Maybe each community along I-10 can start running cameras and TED and try to slow down the idiots. If not, we will certainly have government treasuries filling up with “tourist” dollars and we might even catch a few drug couriers along the way.

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