Wake up and smell the coffee, America

The Way I See It


I don’t want an explanation. I don’t need any clarification and I certainly don’t need any more lies. What I do need to see is heads rolling in Washington. I need to see not one, but many, heads rolling at the IRS regarding the denial of tax exempt status for certain organizations because of their political affiliation. I want to see heads rolling because of delays and denials of Benghazi and those responsible for the deaths of four Americans. I want to see justification for Congress, unions, and other entities being allowed to bow out of mandatory health coverage under Obamacare. I want to see Congress step up and hold the White House responsible for disregard of the Constitution and laws being abused, such as appointments during Congressional absences.

It’s time for the American voters to demand honesty and a level playing field during elections, and a time for voters to demand single terms for all political offices. Politicians who are allowed more than one term (that is nearly every one of them) do not have the interests of constituents at heart, but only a desire to be re-elected.

The news media is another culprit, as I am sure you have noticed, that much more coverage of Governor Christie’s “trafficgate” has received much more attention in the media than the deaths of the Americans at the Benghazi consulate. What’s wrong with this picture? Is it another onslaught from left wing advocates to denigrate a potential candidate just as was done during Palin’s run for the vice presidency? I’m sure you noticed that within 48 hours of the discovery of “trafficgate”, Governor Christie stepped up, accepted responsibility and removed the offending culprits from their jobs. Nothing has been done at the IRS and little has been done regarding Benghazi. Denial, lies, cover-ups and inaction are the only things emanating from the White House, with the possible exception of huge taxpayers bills for Obama vacations.

Wake up and smell the coffee, America. Your dollars are being used to lie, cheat, cover up and delay action for positive change. The Federal Reserve controls your money and keeps you dancing like a puppet while Congress, the White House and the Judicial branch serve as blockades to any change or progress. It’s your money.

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