A Political Prediction

Mary Landrieu has voted along with President Obama 90 percent of the time regardless of the opinion of her constituents here in Louisiana. The most infamous of her votes, being the deciding vote, that allowed “Obamacare” to become law.(The worst law that has ever been passed in the bad history of lawless people who represent themselves in Washington.)Now for my prediction:

No. 1 – Senator Max Baucus of Montana has been chosen to be our Ambassador to China.

No. 2 – Senator Baucus has had a very influential position on the energy committee.

No. 3 – Because of mounting political pressure even from the democrats, and just because it is the common sense thing to do, the “Keystone Pipeline project” will get considered, and passed, this year without any help or support from Mary Landrieu.

No. 4 – In another attempt to play Washington political games while thinking we are too dumb to know what they are doing; President Obama will replace Sen. Baucus’s position on the Energy commission with guess who? Did you guess Mary Landrieu, Now, Mary will convince the president that he must OK the Keystone Pipeline, which he was going to have to do anyway, and the people of La. Will be so happy they may re-elect her because of her great work. This is the underhanded way Washington works; if we are unable to read between the lines. If successful the President will have saved another Democratic seat in the Senate, Mary Landrieu will be free to continue to sell out her constituents, all the while bragging to them that it was her untiring work that got the Pipeline issue OKed. And, if the Democrats maintain a majority in the Senate, the dictator can continue executive ruling for the next 4 years!

Please fellow voters continue not only read to become informed, but always read between the lines, to really know what is going on. When Nov. elections come around remember who gave us Obamacare, and repeated how she would vote for it again if given the opportunity. Let Washington know we aren’t as dumb as they think we are!

J B Hargroder MD


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