Basking in the “global warming”

The Way I See It


Hey, Al Gore. You can kiss my icicles. I just can’t seem to find enough warm clothes to be able to maintain comfort in this “global warming”. Seems that every night the leading news story on the major networks is about another storm shutting down another part of the country. Seems to be butt-numbing cold nearly everywhere except at the winter Olympics, but the Russians have been trying to control everything for even longer than you pinheads in Washington and they haven’t gotten it right yet.

Well, I see where Mr. Obama has delayed implementation of another part of his magical healthcare plan. That’s a big surprise. Nancy Pelosi said that we needed to pass this thing so we could see what was in it, but it’s apparent that you idiots still can’t see it is nothing but a grandstand move to further control the American people. It’s an abomination against the constitution and is just another lie emanating from the political machine in Washington.

My one little vote will not make a huge difference, but I can promise you that until you pry my vote from my cold dead fingers, I will spend my effort trying to get all of you out of office and return you to reality. I know it seems to you that we are all just sheep following the wolf, but trust me there are some folk out here that are aware. There are possibly so many on the government take already that the pattern will not be reversed, because the sheep will follow the leader right over the cliff. However, it goes against my grain to take anything that I haven’t worked to obtain – it is in my DNA and should be in everyone’s. God said that those who do not work will not eat, but Washington thinks it is above God.

If anyone is listening, it is time to begin a grass roots movement to oust those in control. We limit the presidency to eight years, and we should make it one eight-year term, which should be time enough for any politician to get the job done. Political office should be a time of service to the people, not serving time on the public dole. Public service should be a sacrifice, not a ticket to Utopia. Laws should apply to everyone and terms should be limited for every political office; one term and one term only. Politicians will not serve the people as long as they are serving the re-election process. Here’s a message to all elected. Get in, get the job done, get out, find a job and support yourself. I already raised my family and I shouldn’t have to raise you and yours. I’m willing to pay you while you serve, maintain your healthcare, and contribute to a 401K, however, when your term is up, get out and support yourself. You have done nothing to earn a lifetime of support from the voters. Get off the teat. It is running dry.

And – Hey Al, kiss my icicles.

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