Let’s do away with ALL government retirement programs

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This past week, I reviewed some of my columns written more than 10 years ago and I noted that, though the names have changed, politics remains the same. John Breaux, former Senator from Louisiana, was speaking then about something that he knows nothing about – Social Security. He knows nothing about it. because he has not paid it in years, nor does he have to rely upon it for his retirement. You see, he belongs to the group I affectionately call “The Beltway Bandits”. Mary Landrieu now holds that position and it caused me to think about where I was then and where I am now. Not much has changed for the better, but Ms. Landrieu wants me to re-elect her.

She has a seat in Congress, and, trust me, it is not a hard bench that she sits on, otherwise, she and the rest of the “bandits” would get the job done up there and get out of town. No, as she lives her life of luxury in Washington, she distributes her periodic “fodder” to the ignorant who believe it. Meanwhile, when she decides she is tired of ripping off the American taxpayers, she will retire with full pay from her Congressional salary, which her predecessor is still doing. That’s right –FULL PAY. Mr. Breaux served 18 years in the Senate and has now drawn approximately $1.2 million in retirement from the taxpayers. Ms. Landrieu has been on the public dole since she was 23 years old, so don’t look for her to fix Social Security either.

It would seem to me that if the retirement fund of Congress was in dire straits, as is the Social Security program, the “bandits” would be in session night and day until they figured out how to correct it. We can expect no such dedication to us, the working poor. While Mr. Breaux was in office, The Aging Committee, the General Accounting Office, the Congressional Research Service, and the Congressional Budget Office, were all meeting and discussing and researching what to do about Social Security, and here we are 10 years later and there has been no solution to the problem. I estimate about 1000 or more people are studying the problem. They are drawing salaries, medical benefits, retirement (and it ain’t Social Security), expense accounts and housing and transportation assistance and they all sit in taxpayer-provided offices using office equipment and supplies provided by the taxpayers, and not one of them is contributing a dime to Social Security. Yet, they are making the observations and decisions about what needs to be done.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Do away with all government retirement programs, move those retirement funds to the social security system and mandate that every American citizen that draws a paycheck must contribute to the system, and there will be no problems to solve. The Social Security fund will be solvent. But, don’t get your hopes up. The very people who don’t pay into Social Security are the ones who make and administrate the laws. We, on the outside, have no say so in the matter, except in the voting booth, and only an average of 20 percent of us show up to vote, and it is likely that at least 50 percent of those do not study the candidates or the issues on the ballot.

My Social Security benefits are less than 10 percent of what John Breaux receives from his Congressional retirement. We are paying for his medical coverage and he will opt out of Obamacare because it is just one more law passed by Congress that applies to everyone except Congress and its special interest groups. Senator Landrieu said she would vote for this atrocity again today, but she will opt out of the coverage also. By the way, my Medicare supplement premium has gone up each year since I have begun to purchase it, and the law says that I can only make a change in my coverage during the last quarter of the year. Conveniently, the insurance companies wait until the first quarter of the year following to announce the increase in my policies. Now doesn’t that just fry your bacon?

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