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Dear Editor,

It’s amazing how hypocritical some Bible-thumping, verse-quoting, church-going, so-called Christians are when it comes to our president. These people have one common Christian flaw. They will not accept that all men are created equal. They refuse to believe other people of certain races are their equal and would rather be damned than to accept one as their leader. These people spew hatred in their posting on Facebook, in letters to the press and face-to-face with the public.

They perceive nothing but gloom and doom as long as Barack Obama is president. They blame him for everything wrong with their personal life, the world and even the future woes. They think they can disguise their flaw by denying it and making false excuses other than racism, bigotry, or feelings of superiority. Common sense would tell a rational unbiased person he can’t be responsible for everything if their mind isn’t clouded by something other than political differences. You can’t hide being racist just by denying it.

What happened to these Christian teachings about loving their neighbor, truth or faith in God, and accepting God’s will. Everything that happens is God’s will. We may not like it or understand why God allows disasters, deaths of our loved ones or other tragedies, but we are taught to accept them and have faith in God. God allowed Barack Obama to be elected president twice. Accept it and have faith in God for the future.

I’m sure these Christians think the devil allowed Barack Obama to be elected president. Look in the mirror. You may see the devil is making you hate the president, spew vile things about him and lose your faith in God and the future. All your moaning and groaning won’t change a thing.

If you are angry about the election results, then you’re angry at God. He allowed it. Practice your Christian faith. Accept his will and have faith in him.

Larry Guidry


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