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Dear Editor,

Responding with Actions To Famous Quotations

“I Have A Dream” Martin Luther King. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal” Churchill. “Ask not what your country can do for you. But ask what you can do for your country” President Kennedy.

King Louis 16th of France and his wife Marie Antoinette were not “Bad People” they simply were brought up believing they belonged to a special class of people who were meant to rule over others. They also enjoyed spending the tax money of hard working Frenchmen with no regard to the effect it was having on the country, and were giving special dispensations avoiding the same taxation on the nobility. Graffiti on posters of Marie Antoinette wrote “The deficit Queen who will bankrupt our country” While all of this was going on King Louis was pouring money they didn’t have into helping the American Colonies in their fight against the British, mainly because of their dislike of the British.

Ten Commandments for American Voters and those they send to Washington:

No. 1- Stop the debt clock from running; later unwind it until whatever debt is created can be paid off at years’ end. (Balance the Budget) No. 2- Term limits for all who we send to represent our wishes in Washington; length of term to be carefully determined. No. 3- Independent council must be appointed for any situation deemed to be in national interest so that the voting public can get truthful answers. No. 4 The IRS has become a political party war weapon; abolish it along with lobby groups, income tax, and politicians’ play ground by passing a new tax called “ The Fair Tax”. Please read up on this new tax proposal. Income tax and the Federal Reserve were forced upon us under very suspicious circumstances during the Christmas holidays in 1913 when only the people needed to pass the legislation happened to be in Washington. Another good read is the Creature from Jekyl Island which describes in detail the underhanded way central bankers from the U.S., and Europe forced our politicians into creating a system which forced our country to borrow money and pay interest to central bankers with guarantee of repayment by taxpayers. Is it any wonder the Federal Reserve doesn’t care how much money the government spends, and borrows? No. 5- Absolute redoing of the present tax code; partially covered under No. 4. No. 6 Find some way of getting rid of Obamacare, but replace it with a well thought out plan done by business people, Insurance companies, doctors, and patients. No Politicians allowed! No. 7, We must stop appointed bureaus from having the ability to create new regulations. Last year alone 2800 new regulations were forced upon small businesses by EPA, and other agencies making it nearly impossible to grow business or make a profit. No. 8- Goldman Sachs, New York Federal Reserve Bank, and our Secretary of Treasury seem to have a revolving door arrangement to fill vacant seats in a system that by constitution is to be kept separate. Very complicated, and involving very powerful money people, but needs to be corrected! No. 9- An understanding by all American voters how “The Money Manipulators” through powerful foundation funding have taken control of major universities, unions, public education, news media, and Hollywood. There is a specific reason for liberal media bias, and why some news gets no coverage, and other news is over covered. No. 10 We must return to the values and dictates of the constitution. No more single branch dictatorship by the president and his attorney general. Get congress back into creating the laws we must follow. King Louis 16th, and Marie were sent to the guillotine because of the way they allowed their country to be destroyed with poor government. That solution may be a little extreme, but I must admit similar thoughts have occasionally entered my mind. The point is that any self serving politician who doesn’t understand the 10 commandments should not be representing us in Washington, and it is the voters’ responsibility to make that happen. Senator Mary Landrieu’s vote that allowed the ridiculous passage of Obamacare is a prime example of this entire message. Furthermore any politician who continues to back politicians like Landrieu who has followed every Obama wish until her re-election came into question, or Obama and his crew, should get the same consideration!

Much of the information listed is too complicated and lengthy to include in a news article, and many of you who have told me you read these articles say you would like to respond either in agreement, disagreement, or more discussion. So I am including my e-mail address along with my phone No. today.

J.B.Hargroder MD


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