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Dear Editor,

On the “opinion” page of today’s Advertiser there are three different ideas on the subject of teaching literacy. Each offers good advice but I fail to see any reference to the relationship between reading and good writing.

There is still a lot to be learned after school and most self-educated individuals gain their knowledge by reading. I wonder how far any would have progressed if their reading had been limited to the likes of the ignorant authors that we are exposed to today.

I have mastered the art of reading E-books without licking my fingers to turn the page and am now enjoying the mysteries and adventures that the novels provide. I am also left with proof of what I have long suspected; textbooks of correct grammar, spelling and composition have been moved to the archives shelf along with “How to Make Buggy Whips and Horse Shoes”.

The book I am reading now, “A Lindsay Lavelle Mystery Case #1-4” by Kyle Ellis, is so rife with examples, I needed only a random 6 pages to find all the examples I need. I can only assume that I have guessed correctly at what was intended;

“I am hosted” p 45 =I am hoisted?

“pondering around” p 46 = wondering around?

“in side” p 49 = inside?

“pan” p49 = fan?

“are treat wounds” p 49 = to treat wounds?

“are there are treat’ p 49 =are there to treat?

“don the docks” p 49 = down by the docks?

“case” p 50 = cave?

Maybe this was written before there was “Spell-Check” but back then most writers made better use of their brain.

Earl Hargroder


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