All the political hot air is the cause for “global warming”

The Way I See It


Keep an eye on your wallet – the Legislature is in session. Even though this is a session when they are not allowed to deal with any tax propositions, you may still want to take an inventory of your money after they have concluded their business in Baton Rouge. I can guarantee you will not find any additional money in there when they are done. They will find some way to raise fees, college tuition, medical costs, or a variety of other choices to extract more dollars from you and me.

If that is not scary enough, just this week, the Democrats in California, led by none other than Barbara Boxer, are having a marathon through-the-night discussion about global warming. Now you can talk about a lot of hot air over a lot of hot air, but nothing will come out of that meeting except new and exciting ways to extract dollars from us. The $14 trillion debt doesn’t slow them down or even slightly deter them from finding new ways to authorize government to add to the debt and further burden your grandchildren and their grandchildren for decades to come, if the economy doesn’t self-destruct before that.

If I haven’t ruined your week yet, keep in mind that Putin and that brain trust who lives in the White House are butting heads and I am fairly certain nothing good will come of that. Meanwhile, Obamacare continues to fall out of grace, as it becomes less and less palatable with the nation’s population. Increased medical costs, lack of participation by those expected to foot the majority of the costs, and nearly total denial by the masterminds who put it together that anything designed and run by the government has any possibility of being successful. Just look at the Department of Energy and its accomplishments since the inception.

By the by, did I mention that the Legislature may look at Tort reform during this session? Well, if you believe anything will come of that, let me suggest that we put together Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Mary Landrieu and Al Gore to head up a committee to come down to Louisiana and participate in those negotiations. As cold as this winter has been, we could use all that hot air to help warm the weather and speed up the crawfish harvest. They can take the empty shells back to Washington and nobody will even notice the added stench. On the bright side, it hasn’t been in the 20’s or 30’s this week, so Gore must be pleased with himself. Of course, if you travel just a little farther north, you can probably sell your snow shovels at a premium.

Well, that’s the way I see it this week. I am sure I will have lots of new fodder emanating from Baton Rouge in the coming months, and Washington is the biggest waste of deodorant ever assembled. See you soon.

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