Are You Certain of Your Political Party Allegiance?

Dear Editor,

Are you aware of consequences of too much allegiance?

I was born into the most Democratic family that ever existed. Anyone running as a democrat was sure to get my family’s votes if the opponent was republican. The explanation given to me as a child seemed logical. Democrats were all good people, and looked out for all other good people, while republicans took advantage of others whenever they could. Most of the Democrats, and Republicans that I have known outside of Washington are still those good people that do look out for others, but with some differences in their beliefs.                                                                                                                                    Looking into the beginning of the big bail outs at the end of the Bush presidency made me understand the “money, monkey, business” of politics and the power of the political party over the right of the citizen that President Washington warned us about so many years ago. Paulson, Bush’s secretary of treasury, called it an international financial emergency to insure backing of bail outs, rather than allowing bankruptcy proceedings to take place, which would probably have solved the entire collapse much sooner than what we are still experiencing today. Few people looked behind the wizard’s curtain to find out that Paulson was a full partner in Goldman Sachs investment firm. And, that Goldman along with the mega banks had done financial gambling and lost. They had insured their possible losses with AIG insurance. If AIG fails, Goldman fails and Paulson fails. Let the tax payer help all us poor financial geniuses with a massive bail out. This continued of course into the Obama administration and retirees who were collecting good dividends from the GM bonds they had bought under contract from GM were now declared relatively worthless so they could be given to the union workers and they could now own part of General Motors. The unions now love the politicians, our car manufacturers are still less competitive because of unions, the retirees lose their income, taxpayers continue paying!

Careful research shows that since the early 1900s the “progressive liberal” in the democratic party has leaned heavily towards a socialistic government, with heavy financial support from many sources, and that has lead to ridiculous amount of support from unions, mass media, control of public education, Hollywood, and the many political caucuses that have been formed to aid one another in this Socialization movement. The only Caucuses we do not have are for white politicians, or honest politicians of any origin.

I became embarrassed of my Democratic Party years ago, and became an independent thinker, and voter. At the “State of The Union” address, when the President told all of Congress he was taking over, bypassing their legislative authority, and all Democrats stood to give him applause for that statement I assumed the war had been lost. However, this week when Jonathan Turley, a very liberal constitutional law professor at Georgetown University, who had been an Obama supporter, testified before the Judiciary Committee that we are approaching perilous changes in our form of government which has worked so well for so many years, and suggested any further movement in that direction could be grounds for impeachment, I regained some faith in some of my democratic friends. We must remember, Washington politicians in general are there for their benefit, our benefit happens only with our forceful demands such as made by Turley! We have a surplus of statistics and knowledge in America, but a severe limitation of wisdom. Stupid statements and overt lies by the President, Pelosi, Reed, many democratic senators, and the continued attempts to justify Obamacare, and the scandals cannot continue with our support. Please think for yourself, listen to all, but follow only those who seem to be telling the truth; regardless of party affiliation! Do not follow blindly just because someone has placed a Democrat or Republican label on your registration form. 2014 and 2016 elections will determine whether your children live in a Socialistic Government, where you become subservient to the government, or we begin the return to the best government the world has ever produced, where you, by thinking for yourself, tell the government how it should operate!

J.B.Hargroder MD


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